The fragile idea of nationalism

first_imgDo you ever look back and reminisce, what used to be the old days when you were Indian by virtue of your birth in the subcontinent? People didn’t question your nationalism if you didn’t conform to their standards or ideals of “true nationalism”.You didn’t have to prove that you loved your motherland, because love is an intimate affair between two individuals. You don’t ever showcase your love for your wife in front of an audience. You know, within yourself the true power and strength of your love.But gone are those days, today, you have to wear your patriotism on your sleeve to survive.For eg: The sudden outrage against the use of the word “killed” instead of “martyr” with respect to the army has surfaced. A fact about the word martyr. It has been used from time immemorial to address those who’ve died in service of their religion.So, using the word for those valiant selfless soldiers sacrificing their lives for their country seems to be a form of disrespect as we are comparing them to those fanatics who kill/die in the name of their religion. Even Army veterans have seemed to condone the usage of this word.This is just one instance of how people get outraged and cry anti-nationalist at the minutest and most ridiculous of things.So, when someone tells you to say “Bharat Mata ki Jay”, “Jay Shri Ram” just say it, as that gives them the verification that they are in midst of a nationalist.So, if you’re to survive here, learn to conform to this superficial form of nationalism, as this is, what works these days.last_img