Conducting exams during a pandemic

first_imgCOVID-19 is rankling the world day by day. Amidst this chaos, UGC is closing eyes towards the health and safety of students by approving to carry out the examinations by the end of September 2020. When students and parents decided to stand against this unscrupulous move of UGC; the only justification that the Supreme Court provided was that the career of the students “cannot be put under jeopardy for long” and’ life has to go on’.Many questions remain unanswered from the side of the Government. There are provisions to conduct the exams by writing mode or via online modes or a combination of both. Students are against these modes. When the exams are conducted in writing mode, the students have to travel to their Colleges and they have the chance of contracting the virus. Also, many students who are hailing from the Red Zone/Containment Zone will not be able to attend the written examinations. No matter whatever guidelines or protocols the Colleges intend to follow during the examinations and how careful and vigilant both the Colleges and students be, its still unclear as to how effective the efforts could be.When it comes to online mode, there are countless drawbacks too. The students come from different areas and its not necessary that the network coverage in particular areas is strong. While writing the exams, what if their network connectivity breaks and they are not able to complete their exams? How can such a situation be solved? Forget about network connectivity, there are many students who don’t even have smartphone or laptops to attend online classes or exams. All people do not enjoy the privileges equally. Will the Government provide these services to the unprivileged?  So many questions remain inextricable.Since this is the first time that we are facing such a situation, we were all not prepared for it. Doing what is considered to be normal before is totally impossible this year. Even if we are not ready to face a storm in front of us, we can still make sure that we take all the stringent steps to protect ourselves and each other. So the government should also consider this and try not to put the life of lakhs of students in stake.last_img