Godzilla Vs Kong: Pugnacious human nature compels prehistoric animals to unnecessary battle

first_imgCinema is the greatest form of art—said Satyajit Ray and cinema had an indelible impression on society and on the individual especially the children.  Therefore the cinema makers, like other professions, must have some cannons of ethics.  Creativity does not confine in rules. But when it comes to human attribution creativity should be incubated and hatched under certain norms.The much-awaited movie Godzilla vs Kong hit the market with a bang and I could manage to see the movie first hand.  The hype and hoopla, the high rating all gone in vain when I watched the movie and in one word I can describe it as a moron.  The first thing that strikes me is the unnecessary battle between the two titans.  The more unpalatable course is that Godzilla is a prehistoric titan caused by radiation of nuclear reaction—a catastrophic blunder of human civilization.  On the other hand, King Kong is a natural bred titan and nothing to do with radiation.  In the previous movie, Godzilla appeared as the saviour of mankind when he fought against Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. When these ancient super-species thought to be mere myths-rise again, they all vie for supremacy, leaving humanity’s very existence hanging in the balance.  Even we see Mothra sacrifice itself to save Godzilla.  It all proved these animals were not the enemy of humans, but human-made them engaged in a battle for their own interest.  In Godzilla vs Kong, the movie is not able to tell us a story.  Rather it emphasized the figure of the titans, larger and bigger than ever before, where Godzilla stands tall 356 feet and Kong 326 feet. The Skull Island was made a harbour for Kong and confinement.  The sudden appearance of Godzilla and the release of Kong are sheer unnecessary.  Moreover, too much usage of future technology does not match with Kong.  Godzilla being a gigantic figure also possesses intelligence as it realizes that Kong is not his enemy.  The ultimate message in the movie is that human is the greatest enemy of humanity.  The warmonger character of a human being is seen satiated by inciting two innocent monsters to fight.  As entertainment, Godzilla vs. Kong does not satisfy me as the basic story is not acceptable and for no good reason.  The making of the move proves one and only one thing that we are ugly.last_img