Director, University Honors Program

first_imgNominators and prospective candidates may arrange a confidentialconversation about this opportunity with the partner or seniorassociate leading this search:Steve Leo, PartnerBrian Bustin, Senior AssociateStorbeck Search484-263-5534 [email protected] For full consideration, inquiries, nominations, and applications(PDF preferred) should be sent in confidence to: [email protected] Director, University Honors ProgramCalifornia State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University at Long Beach (CSULB) invitesnominations and applications for the position of Director,University Honors Program. The successful candidate in thisnational search will set a strategic vision to expand the HonorsProgram to insure it will deliver upon its distinctive educationalpractices that will serve a broad segment of CSULB’s undergraduatestudents.ABOUT CSULBCSULB is a diverse, student-centered, globally engaged publicuniversity, a Hispanic-Serving and Asian American and NativeAmerican Pacific Islander-Serving Institution committed toproviding highly valued undergraduate and graduate educationalopportunities through superior teaching, research, creativeactivity, and service for the people of California and the world.CSULB is committed to equity in student experiences, curriculum,and professional opportunities and is dedicated to changinginstitutional structures to meet this goal. CSULB aims to changelives by expanding educational opportunities, championingcreativity, and preparing leaders for a changing world.Building on six decades of success, California State University,Long Beach (CSULB) is repeatedly recognized as a high quality andbest-value institution and “One of the Top Public ComprehensiveUniversities in the Western United States” by U.S. News & WorldReport’s America’s Best Colleges Guide. CSULB prides itself on itsdiverse and students-first campus culture. The commitment toproviding a transformative education experience is demonstrated byEducation Reform Now, a national think tank and advocacyorganization for the American public education system, rankingCSULB number one in the nation for its impact in driving socialmobility.CSULB is well known for its quality and accessible undergraduateand graduate programs that prepare students to positively impactour world. CSULB professors’ sterling reputation is based on theirrecord of teaching, research, and creative activities. They ensurestudents are successful by integrating community engagement,internships, and interactive technologies into their teaching.CSULB is committed to being an outstanding teaching-intensive,research-driven university that emphasizes student engagement,scholarly and creative achievement, civic participation, and globalperspectives. CSULB’s academic programs are centered on the valuesof educational opportunity, excellence, diversity, integrity, andservice.CSULB comprises eight colleges:College of the ArtsCollege of BusinessCollege of EducationCollege of EngineeringCollege of Health and Human ServicesCollege of Liberal ArtsCollege of Natural Sciences and MathematicsCollege of Professional and International EducationIn Fall 2019, there were a total of 32,784 undergraduate and 5,290graduate students attending CSULB. In September 2020, the WallStreet Journal/Times Higher Education ranked CSULB fourth in thenation for Campus Diversity. Of CSULB’s more than 32,000 students,45% identify as Hispanic/Latino, 21% as Asian-American, 17% asWhite/Caucasian, 9% identifying as two or more races or raceunknown, 7% as non-resident aliens, 4% as African American, andapproximately 1% as American Indian/Alaska Native/ NativeHawaiian/Pacific Islander. In addition, 58% of CSULB students arewomen, 55% of CSULB students are first-generation students, and 45%of students are Pell Grant-eligible.CSULB’s students share a commitment to academic success,appreciation of their access to faculty members who give them thepersonalized attention they desire, and a willingness to make areal difference in the world. Students work closely with facultyand peers as well as with members of local communities on projects,research, and fieldwork. CSULB students are making their markacross academic fields in local communities, throughout California,the nation, and the world.ABOUT THE CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY SYSTEMThe California State University (CSU) System is the nation’slargest four-year public university with 482,000 students on 23campuses across the state. CSU promotes student success thoughtopportunity and high-quality education that prepares students tobecome leaders in the changing workforce, making the CSU System avital economic engine for California.The CSU strives to create a welcoming environment for all membersof its campus communities. CSULB’s commitment to equity anddiversity is manifested in students who make up the mostethnically, economically, and academically diverse student body inthe nation, attaining higher levels of success than ever asgraduation rates continue to increase. The CSU is an engine forsocial mobility as those students receive high-quality degrees thatpropel them into higher economic strata. The CSU provides more thanhalf of all undergraduate degrees earned by California’s Latinx,African American, and Native American students combined. Twenty-oneof twenty-three CSUs are currently recognized by the Department ofEducation as Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), colleges anduniversities with a Latinx student enrollment of at least 25percent.CSU’s Graduation Initiative 2025 aims to increase graduation ratesfor all CSU students while eliminating opportunity gaps. Throughthis initiative the CSU aims to ensure that all students have theopportunity to graduate in a timely manner according to theirpersonal goals, positively impacting their future and producing thegraduates needed to power California and the nation.THE HONORS PROGRAMThe University Honors Program (UHP) at CSULB is committed toproviding an academically enriching, community-minded, andculturally diverse environment for highly qualified students. Thisprogram is designed to offer students, particularly those studentsfrom historically underrepresented populations, the best of athriving liberal arts college experience alongside theopportunities afforded by a comprehensive university setting. TheProgram strives to provide opportunities to mentor students in arange of leadership opportunities, foster student-led civicengagement experiences, and support students to engage in globalstudies. Students in the Honors Program have access to a curriculumdesigned to prepare students for the rigor of graduate school,scholarship opportunities, personalized advising and smaller classsizes, use of honors facilities, and leadership and professionaldevelopment opportunities. The Honors Program currently includestracks in Engineering, Business, and Global Emphasis. There areapproximately 1,000 students in the Honors Program at CSULB.UHP is committed to offering a curriculum that centers socialjustice and inclusive excellence, defined by the Honors Program asaccess, student success, and high-quality learning. It also aims toensure that UHP student demographics reflect the studentdemographics of CSULB at large, particularly when it comes torecruiting students of color. It will be essential that the UHPDirector embrace these core values and have a record of achievementin working with students of color and integrating diversity,equity, and inclusion into a program or curriculum. The UHPDirector is also responsible for administering the President’sScholarship at CSULB. This scholarship is the largest at CSULB andhas been awarded to high-achieving students who aspire to lead andserve in an increasingly complex, interconnected world. TheDirector of the Honors Program is a 12-month faculty position withuniversity-wide administrative responsibilities.DIVERSITY, EQUITY, AND INCLUSIONThe CSU is committed to fostering a vibrant community of students,faculty, staff, and administrators who focus on the many dimensionsof student success and academic excellence, value diversity, andfoster understanding and mutual respect. In alignment with thevalues of the CSU, CSULB is home to a community of students andfaculty who are diverse in many dimensions, including race,ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and ability.Various resources are available to support historicallymarginalized students, including the Dream Success Center, whichprovides services to undocumented students and their families; theBob Murphy Access Center, which provides services to students withdisabilities; and the Office of Multicultural Affairs, whichpromotes diversity on campus through advocacy, culturalprogramming, and education. CSULB further demonstrates itscommitment to serving historically underrepresented studentsthrough its Building Infrastructure Leading to Diversity (BUILD)Program, which offers intensive, hands-on research and trainingopportunities for undergraduate students designed to prepare themto excel in doctoral programs, as well as health-related researchcareers, The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate AchievementProgram, which is a TRiO program funded by the U.S. Department ofEducation and designed to prepare and support underrepresentedundergraduate students in their pursuit of doctoral studies, andthe GenExcel Mentorship Program, which is a mentoring program forfirst-generation freshmen entering CSULB, designed to assist thestudent’s transition from high school to college by cultivatingrelationships with faculty and students with similar interests. TheUHP Director will work closely and liaise with specialty programstargeting underrepresented student groups as a key part of theirrole at CSULB.CSULB is committed to all members of the university community beingafforded equitable opportunities to learn, discover, and serve, aswell as having opportunities for personal development andengagement with others on campus and in the global community. Inkeeping with this commitment, CSULB’s President Dr. Jane CloseConoley has set a strong mandate for diversity, equity, andinclusion on and beyond the campus. President Conoley hasestablished a Commission on Equity and Change which is charged withmaking recommendations that enable every member of campus tosucceed; the Commission is focusing particularly on racial justice.Additionally, the President’s Commission on the Status of Women andthe President’s Commission on Sustainability focus, respectively,on gender and environmental justice. These Commissions serve thecampus community by initiating, advocating, and implementing actionthat addresses the concerns of CSULB students, faculty, staff, andadministrators in order to enable the University to offer everycampus community member a fair opportunity to excel. Staff andfaculty of color can also find support by joining various existingaffinity groups and by taking advantage of a variety of programmingthat focuses on equity and justice.LOCATION AND LOCAL CULTURELong Beach, California, is the state’s seventh-largest city, with apopulation of over 460,000 residents, and has quickly become ahigh-demand destination along the Pacific Coast. Long Beach blendsbig city ambiance with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere of anoceanside community. The city’s scenic downtown area is verywalkable and includes first-class accommodations, shopping, andrestaurants. Long Beach is also home to several museums andcultural attractions. Long Beach offers sunny skies and a moderateclimate throughout the year.THE ROLE OF THE DIRECTORThe Director of the University Honors Program will provideleadership and vision for the Honors Program at CSULB. The maincharge for the Director will be to grow and expand the Program andensure that it delivers unique, high-impact educational practicesthat engage students. The goals of the Honors Director will be to:enhance recruiting of talented students, especially students ofcolor, first-generation college attendees, undocumented students,LGBTQIA students, students from low-income backgrounds, and otherhistorically underserved populations; create a unique curriculumthat builds upon CSULB’s multicultural setting in Long Beach;support CSULB’s students’ exceptional educational experiences; and,nurture students’ talents leading to their futures as leaders andengaged citizens of the community and the globe. The Director ofthe Honors Program is a 12-month faculty position withuniversity-wide administrative responsibilities.The Honors Director will lead the charge on this vision,undertaking the following:Collaborate with the Office of the President and the Office ofthe Provost to nurture, sustain and implement the vision of anexcellent honors program.Strategically plan for the growth of a thriving and evolvinghonors program.Convene and lead key stakeholders to draft a UHP planningdocument for further consultation with key campus stakeholdersincluding: Honors Council representatives, University Housing andResidential Life, Division of Administration and Finance,University Relations and Development, President’s Office, AcademicSenate, and Enrollment Services.Pursue and increase funding opportunities in partnership withUniversity Relations and Development.OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGESVision and leadership – The essential charge for the UHP Directorwill be to provide a vision toward growing and expanding the HonorsProgram at CSULB. To accomplish this goal, the Director will needto be a collaborative leader with the ability to work across theUniversity to grow the program. The Director should be an engagedleader who can capitalize on the strengths of the Honors Programwhile empowering their team to bring new ideas and high-impactpractices to the table. The Director should be a strongrelationship-builder who can bring people together from across theUniversity to support UHP programs and initiatives focused ondeveloping students into leaders.Collaboration – The new Director will work with constituentsinternal and external to the University, including academicleadership, faculty, and staff, to develop an innovative curriculumfocused on: access, student success, and high-quality learning;racial and ethnic diversity; service learning; and social justice.The Director will put diversity, equity, and inclusion initiativesinto practice and interweave these values into the Honors Program.Externally, the Director will seek to build partnerships withindustries and organizations in the region to support programmingand initiatives and will work with University Advancement toadvocate for the Honors Program.Student recruitment and scholarships – Working closely withAdmissions and other offices across the University, and with theHonors Transfer Council of California (HTCC), the new Director willactively recruit honors candidates and identify future sources ofscholarship funding. In doing so, the Director will fully embracethe mission-driven and transformative nature of the Honors Programat CSULB, increasing the distinction of the Honors Program in thefuture.Student-centered ethos – CSULB is distinguished for its focus onequitable access and student success. The Honors Program provides awealth of support and service to ensure a rigorous and excitinglearning experience. The Director will play a central role inenhancing and shaping the students participating in the program andthe Honors curriculum, as well as facilitating opportunities forstudents to attend various cultural, professional, and researchopportunities in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and beyond.Build community and diversity – The new Director will be integralin maintaining an inclusive learning environment where Honorsstudents from diverse backgrounds feel welcomed. The Director willbe charged with ensuring that the Honors Program represents CSULBdemographics and that of CSULB’s service area/region, particularlywhen it comes to race, and ethnic representation, gender, andsexual orientation. Further, the Director will be responsible foridentifying course offerings that center questions of racial andsocial justice to ensure honors students have access to a raciallyinclusive curriculum. The Director will further the HonorsProgram’s strong commitment to community and the importance of aholistic education in alignment with the values of CSULB and theCSU System. The position will inspire a tight-knit community boundby a mutual respect and the desire to represent the best of CSULBboth on campus and within the larger community.REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONSAn earned doctoral degree from an accreditedinstitution.A record of university teaching, scholarly and creativeactivity that satisfies eligibility ofappointment to the rank oftenured Associate or Full professor in an academic program in oneof the disciplines offered at the University.Demonstrated success as a collaborative leader with the abilityto work across the University.Experience coordinating multidimensional academic programs suchas honors programs, undergraduate or graduate programs,undergraduate research, learning communities, study abroad, etc.,that required working with constituents internal and external tothe University including academic leadership, faculty, andstaff.Ability to develop and build partnerships with industries andorganizations in the region to support programming andinitiatives.Ability to provide leadership and support for innovative Honorscurriculum development, as well as facilitating opportunities forstudents to participate in co-curricular activities.Demonstrated experience interweaving CSULB’s core values ofsocial justice, social mobility, and inclusivity into a curriculumor program.A record of working successfully with a diverse studentpopulation and serving students of color and other historicallyunderrepresented students.PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONSSuccessful leadership experience with an honorsprogram.Experience in assessment, development, and/or restructuringcurricula/programming.Successful experience leading or administrating scholarshipprograms.Demonstrated involvement in initiatives directed at newfaculty, senior level faculty, and award- winningfaculty.Understanding of effective strategies in recruiting andretaining historically underserved students.Experience in promotion of an honors program and education,including public recognition of honors faculty.Ability to design and promote a structured process for earlyidentification and cultivation of students for prestigious externaland/or national scholarships and awards.Ability to serve as the lead advocate of the Honors Program atCSULB when forming relationships with donors, community leaders,and industry partners.DUTIESMaintain access, student success, and high-quality learning andincrease racial and gender equity in Honors education at CSULB viarecruitment and retention of highly qualified undergraduatestudents.Lead Program administration, including staff supervision andsupport, professional development, strategic planning, and advising(academic, pre-graduate, pre-professional).Expand the visibility and strengthen the reputation of Honorsstudents and faculty across the campus and beyond.Provide leadership over the scholarship process in the HonorsProgram.Assess, develop, and/or restructure existing Honorscurricula/programming to allow for growth and flexibility in Honorseducational opportunities.Build networks and sustain relationships with faculty,department chairs, associate deans, and deans to expandopportunities for students to participate in Honorseducation.Incentivize Honors faculty through initiatives directed at newfaculty, senior level faculty, and award-winningfaculty.Partner with University Relations and Development and theOffice of Research and Sponsored Programs to identify fundraising,scholarship, grant, and advancement opportunities for theHonors Program.Support and promote Honors faculty through identification andpromotion of Honors education in the tenure and promotion process,public recognition of Honors faculty, and enhancement of Honorsfaculty presence on web and promotional materials.Manage the President’s Scholarship program in addition todesigning and promoting a structured process for earlyidentification and cultivation of students for prestigious externaland/or national scholarships and awards.Chair the Honors Advisory Council to broaden creative andcross-disciplinary collaboration; seek input into recruitment,curricular, and programmatic design.Expand and coordinate global learning opportunities, includingpromoting study abroad opportunities for all Honorsstudents.Enhance and maintain a robust web and social media presence forthe Program.Serve as Lead advocate for University administration ofHonors.Represent University Honors at University events and raise theProgram’s external profile.The Search Committee will begin reviewing candidates immediatelyand will continue until the position is filled. Priorityconsideration will be given to materials received by March 3, 2021.It is anticipated that this position will begin in the summer of2021.To apply a candidate should submit the following at 1) a letter of intent addressing how the candidate’s experiencesmatch the position requirements; 2) a current CV/ resume; 3) AnEquity and Diversity Statement that addresses the candidate’steaching or other experiences, successes, and challenges in workingwith a diverse student population (maximum two pages; click herefor further information and guidelines); and 4) contact informationfor at least five professional references, including emailaddresses and a brief note of the candidate’s working relationshipwith each. References will not be contacted without the priorknowledge and approval of the candidate and at a later stage in thesearch. If you have any questions or if you have a disability andneed accommodation with pre-employment processes (applications,interviews, etc.), please email [email protected] EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTSConflict of InterestThe duties of this position will include participation in decisionsthat may have a material financial benefit to the incumbent.Therefore, the selected candidate will be required to file Conflictof Interest Form 700: Statement of Economic Interests on an annualbasis, complete ethics training within 6 months of appointment, andtake this training every other year thereafter.Background CheckA background check (including a criminal records check andtelephone reference check with most recent employer) must becompleted satisfactorily before any candidate can be offered aposition with the CSU. Failure to satisfactorily complete thebackground check may affect the application status of applicants orcontinued employment of current CSU employees who apply for theposition.General InformationThe person holding this position is considered a “mandatedreporter” under the California Child Abuse and Neglect ReportingAct and is required to comply with the requirements set forth inCSU Executive Order 1083 Revised July 21, 2017 as a condition ofemployment. All management and executive employees shall berequired to provide a written statement to the appropriateadministrator of any and all outside employment at the time of hireor appointment and annually thereafter. Employees shall alsoprovide a written statement of outside employment if a writtenrequest by an administrator is made.California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) is committed to theprinciples of equal employment opportunity in education andemployment, to affirmative action, and to the protection of civilrights. It is the policy of CSULB to provide programs, services,and benefits, including employment, without regard to race,religion, color, ancestry, ethnicity, gender/gender identity,marital status, pregnancy, national origin, age, mental or physicaldisability, sexual orientation, and protected veteran status. Thispolicy shall apply to all employment actions, including, but notlimited, to recruitment, hiring, education, upgrading, promotion,transfer, demotion, layoff, termination, rates of pay or otherforms of compensation, and selection for training, includingapprenticeship. jeid-472d9e55b5db19468e92e7cf8c46ec37last_img