World Female handball playmaker 2017?

first_imgOftedal World Female playmaker 2017? Kornelia Nycke Groot (Gyori Audi ETO KC – The Netherlands) Isabelle Gullden (CSM Bucharest – Sweden) Stine Bredal Oftedal (Gyori Audi ETO KC – Norway) Andrea Lekic (ZRK Vardar Skopje – Serbia)View Results Related Items:World Female handball playmaker 2017?  Loading …CLICK, VOTE AND CHECK RESULTSWORLD BEST LEFT WING 2017WORLD BEST LEFT BACK 2017WORLD BEST PLAYMAKER 2017WORLD BEST RIGHT BACK 2017WORLD BEST RIGHT WING 2017WORLD BEST LINE-PLAYER 2017WORLD BEST GOALKEEPER 2017WORLD BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER 2017 Isabelle Gulldén is the best playmaker in the world. 21 Comments Isabelle Gulldén Anonymous 11. January 2018. at 07:14 Anonymous 28. December 2017. at 03:15 No question,Nycke Groot the best playmaker!!! Bella Gulldén is the best playmaker. Viking 31. December 2017. at 12:44 kev 21. December 2017. at 21:17 Moa 24. December 2017. at 06:54 Louise 27. December 2017. at 14:43 Oftedakfans 21. December 2017. at 14:34 Bella Gullden CSM. Bucharest Sally 28. December 2017. at 19:06 No question, Nycke Groot the BEST playmaker in the world!!! Mikael 19. December 2017. at 16:39 Marius 25. December 2017. at 23:04 idk if i vote for nycke or stine because both are the best playemakers in the world #HajraETO Nycke Groot Anonymous 27. December 2017. at 14:40 Oftedal the best! Lucy 5. January 2018. at 20:36 center_img ShareTweetShareShareEmail Best all categories Isabelle Gullden Cornelia Nycke Groot of course! ShareTweetShareShareEmailComments NG 20. December 2017. at 11:42 Isabelle gullden Christian 11. January 2018. at 07:17 Ana Paulo Bello queen!!!! Melania 24. December 2017. at 14:23 Annika Wilhemsson 19. December 2017. at 18:12 21 Comments Oftedal is very fast in movement and thinking. Groot has a better defense. Gullden has blind passes and she is very creative.That’s a tough one. My podium – Oftedal, Gullden, Groot. Robert 23. December 2017. at 22:59 Some people only vote depending on this World Championship when people like Groot have won everything, has been the best player in the Champions League and Gyor won all this thank to her and Gorbicz.And please, Cornelia is with C. Great Groot 26. December 2017. at 02:41 Bella Gullden She’s the very very best !!!!!!! Go Bella ! Christer Gulldén 19. December 2017. at 14:29 The real Standing:1.Andrea Lekic2.Stine Oftedal3.Isabelle Gullden4.Nicke Groot Cornelia Nycke Groot of course… Cornelia is with C Nycke Groot!! Leho 20. December 2017. at 11:36 Anonymous 31. December 2017. at 08:57 Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.Comment Name Email Website Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.last_img