Are you in danger?

first_imgNew requirements for PCV drivers about diabetes self-monitoring slip ‘under the radar’Stricter rules for self-monitoring diabetes by holders of PCV and LGV driving licences have come into force – but the change has not been publicised by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).Up to now, the rules have stated that a professional driver on the sulphonylurea or the glinide group of tablets must check their blood glucose levels with a finger prick test at least twice a day and at times relevant to driving.But when the diabetes expert doctors met at DVLA in March they changed the rules in the interests of road safety.They now require people on these tablets to do a finger prick test to check their sugar level “no more than two hours before the start of the first journey and every two hours while driving.”The change – which has not been published inside the medical profession or to affected drivers/operators – is not even mentioned in the list of changes made to the DVLA’s guidebook on the subject Assessing Fitness to Drive, although its content (page 64) has changed.Says Dr Phil Thornley of Cotswold Medicals: “This change has been kept very quiet. Your doctor or diabetes nurse probably won’t have heard about the new rules yet.”Surprisingly, the DVLA has not updated the D4 medical form to keep it up to date with the new rules.Writing in routeONE, Dr Thornley adds: “It is inconvenient for a lot of PCV drivers to have to pull over every two hours to do the test but fortunately there are now new medicines that don’t run the risk of causing a low blood sugar level.“Go to your doctor and ask if he can change you onto a different medication that doesn’t require finger prick testing.”Cotswold Medicals – an acknowledged expert in its field – is a specialist providing good-value PCV/LGV medicals across the UK from 65 centres and it gives £5 to charity for each medical.Since it started 20 years ago, it has carried out 250,000 medicals and given £1m to charity.Details from www.driversmedicals.comlast_img