Wilco Fan Loses Wallet At Brooklyn Show, Receives Note Saying ‘I Kept The Cash Because I Needed Weed’

first_imgTwo weeks ago, Wilco graced New Yorkers with two memorable performances at the new Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, NY. However, one fan’s experience ended with a sour note, as Reilly Flaherty lost his wallet after the shows. He even went back to the venue afterwards, only to find that the wallet was simply gone.Some two weeks later, an almost-miracle happened. Flaherty received some of his items back, but they were accompanied by a peculiar note, which the owner promptly shared on Instagram:The note reads:Dear Reilly Flaherty,I found your wallet and your drivers license and your address so here’s your credit cards and other important stuff. I kept the cash because I needed weed, the metrocard because well the fare’s $2.75 now, and the wallet cause it’s kinda cool. enjoy the rest of your day. Toodles, AnonymousSpeaking to USA Today, Flaherty said, “I’ve never been so conflicted about a nice gesture.” He continued, “I had already gone to get a new license, and had already gotten all my cards replaced… so basically, it was useless to me.”Don’t be mean music fans! If you find someone’s belongings, give it back to them!last_img