Somalia seeks to transform police force into modern, professional unit

first_imgSomali policewomen swear by the Holy Koran during a passing out ceremony at the Police Academy in the capital Mogadishu , May 30, 2010. Somali policewomen swear by the Holy Koran during a passing out ceremony at the Police Academy in the capital Mogadishu , May 30, 2010.A UN-backed multi-partner project aimed at transforming the Somali Police Force (SPF) into a modern and professional unit has been launched in Mogadishu.The Police Project Coordination Cell (PPCC), which has representation from the Somali Police Force, various UN bodies and the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), will provide a platform for information exchange, allowing development partners to deliver a more coordinated response to the needs of Somali police.“This new project will be spearheaded by senior SPF officials and co-chaired by the police commissioner of the UN Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM),” AMISOM said in a statement received on Friday in Mogadishu.AMISOM Assistant Commissioner of Police, Amadu Mannah, said the endorsement of the policing model by the country’s National Leadership Forum signified recognition of police forces at both the federal and member state levels.“The adoption means that all regional police forces, together with the Somali Police Force, will now be able to police the country in unison. This is exactly what we have been clamouring for,” Mannah said.The Horn of Africa nation, which is making a slow but steady recovery from two decades of civil war, requires strong police institutions at the federal and member state levels that have the capacity to protect lives and property and ensure that citizens enjoy peace and security.Lt. Col. Zakia Hussein Ahmed of the SPF stressed the vision of a future police force in Somalia, saying the country aims to set up a force that meets international standards.“We envision our police force to be strong enough not just to take care of Somali security, but also able to establish regional security”, Zakia added.When fully functional, the PPCC will co-ordinate all police-related projects with existing Somali governance bodies.Somalia’s Deputy Police Commissioner, Gen Bashir Abdi Mohamed, said the body’s mission was to establish a professional force able to provide quality services to the public “under the most challenging circumstances.”The chairman of the PPCC, Said Hassan, said Somalia needed a credible, modern and professional police force with adequate resources to carry out its duties. – Xinhualast_img