CRFS Unveils MATLAB Toolbox its RF Spectrum Monitoring Solution

first_imgCRFS, a leader in real-time RF spectrum monitoring solutions, has released its RFeye Toolbox for MATLAB and Simulink. This new feature means that IQ and spectrum data can be imported from RFeye receivers and used with MATLAB signal processing toolboxes and the user’s own signal processing algorithms.MATLAB is used quite widely across the science and engineering world. Many users otherwise unfamiliar with software development are accustomed to using MATLAB in some form. The RFeye toolbox for MATLAB is a valuable resource in addition to CRFS’s C, C++, Python and .Net SDKs. It also allows non-developers to visualise spectrum data in a software environment with which many will already be familiar.Many organisations and individual users have pre-existing MATLAB algorithms and Simulink models which they have used with other spectrum monitoring hardware. This may have involved considerable investment in time and money and users across the organisation already know how to use them. The new RFeye toolbox for MATLAB lets users stick with what they know.The popularity of MATLAB also means that it can act as a good interface for exporting spectrum data to other MATLAB supporting hardware such as signal generators for signal playback. This state-of-the-art package of RFeye application software makes sure that users are free to choose and opens up development opportunities to a much greater number of users.last_img