An online love of volleyball from Nicosia to Barcelona

first_imgQuarantine may have deprived volleyball players of the joy and excitement of competition, but the players and coach of the University of Cyprus APOK girls teams found an innovative way to engage in their favourite sport. At the initiative of APOK’s girls’ coach, Costa Fauta, and Barcelona girls’ coach, Theofanos Sergiou, the girls did a joint online training session, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by technology – with a bridge of communication being their common love for volleyball.After the girls and coaches were introduced, the necessary warm-up began. The ‘menu’ included Zumba, improvised exercises, and neuromuscular coordination exercises. The girls then took the ‘yellow and blue goddess’ (the volleyball) in their hands and continued with technical exercises: fingers, cuffs, a combination of movements with wall goals and toys. Coaches Faoutas and Sergiou, supervised the girls via video and gave them constant feedback, with the excitement widespread both in Nicosia and Barcelona.last_img