Kissoon’s apology more akin to grovelling

first_imgDear Editor,Freddie Kissoon’s recent attack on Minister of Governance Raphael Trotman, and his grovelling apology two days later tells many stories of what is taking place in Guyana.Many people know that Kissoon is a coward. His WPA colleague Tacuma Ogunseye once gave details of incidents where Freddie hid when dangerous situations arose. This is the same man who beats his chest and exaggerates his role in the fight for democracy.Well, his behaviour in the Trotman scenario demonstrates several things:1. It confirms what those close to him have known all along – that he is a coward. The grovelling was nauseating to say the least.2. It is clear that the old PNC is once more back in action. He was either seriously threatened directly that he should apologise and/or his boss was ordered to fire him if he did not comply.3. He feels safe attacking the PPP/C because he is secure in the knowledge that the PPP/C does not resort to violence and does not promote such.4. His cowardice is part of the problem we have in this country – when he behaves like this, it encourages the use of threats and violence in the society.5. It shows that this man has absolutely no convictions. He cares about his own skin because he feels he is in danger of being harmed, he quickly, not merely, apologises, but as mentioned above it could be better described as grovelling.Kissoon will not write against this regime for a long time to come (if ever).What a disgrace calling himself an intellectual and political analyst. It is clear he is none of that.He is just a huge fraud.Yours truly,Gopaul Singhlast_img