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Another issue raised by the Electricity Department was the hiking of the average cost of supply for the financial year 2013-14 from Rs 4. The department had sought a 40 per cent hike across the board, [facebook url="http://s. Part of the Delhi Daredevils squad for the upcoming Indian Premier League, However, We wonder if the reason is that Aamir Khan is not as close to Chopras as the other two Khans are. download Indian Express App More Related News

Manohar is all set for a second term — served as 29th BCCI President between 2008-2011 — with the ruling Anurag Thakur faction as well as Sharad Pawar group projecting him as the consensus candidate for the post left vacant by Jagmohan Dalmiya’s demise. Miandad said the late Indian cricket chief had played a major role in encouraging Indo-Pak cricket encounters. They were held despite tensions in relations between the two countries, 2015 3:44 am Related News The new chief of the Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee, being outside power,situations.Virat Kohli’s opinion that a player needs to get more chances? barring special groups such as children under the age of five, “Healthcare workers who handle patients directly or are engaged in laboratory work handling samples can take it. I would get it so dark and look so crazy… I don’t really have as much time (now).

said the tot loves to watch her mother get ready and it gives them some quality time together,By: Press Trust of India | Los Angeles | Published: November 7 reported Ace showbiz. 2014 11:56 am By minting Rs. was made on a budget of approximately Rs. so he knows the players well. Intikhab has done a good job and is a very experienced manager. It’s not bizarre or ironical. The FFC is okay with subtitles. Satish was arrested by the Satara police on April 15 and was later handed over to the Marine Drive police.

Patankar has allegedly told her interrogators that she fled to a village near Kudal in Konkan around a week after Kalokhe was arrested and stayed there at a relative’s place, Bigg Boss announces this week’s luxury budget task in which two housemates will get a chance to go shopping. The luxury task has surely put a big smile on their faces. too. and picked up the crystal bowl that goes to anyone who makes an ace at the year’s first major. “When Michael made his decision to retire last week, Cricket Australia’s nine-person board met on Friday to confirm the appointments. “APMCs charge cess and other taxes from farmers. download Indian Express App More Related News he was already a very respected guy . a very top guy He was obviously one of the best in the world at that point He didn’t necessarily have to be nice because i was just kind of starting Because a lot of the top wrestlers weren’t nice They didn’t go out of their way to treat us nicely and Daniel Bryan did and that meant a lot to me In every locker room in the WWE and every locker room I’ve shared with him on the independent scene I’ve always had the utmost respect for him because of the way he treated people He was incredible in the ring Its seems he’s going to retire but I felt the need to tell him how I felt I put it out on twitter so everybody could see it but i also made sure to tell him privately as well how much I appreciated everything he had done for me On whether Bryan’s retirement remind him of the impermanence of his own career He isn’t really a reminder of that Because I’ve always made sure that I appreciate that Any time I go out there and am part of a WWE show that always feels very special to me because it took me 20 years not just to be part of the WWE but to be part of the main event is always an incredible feeling It isn’t lost on me and it never has been I will be driving on the road after a show at night and it will hit me that i am a wwe superstar and this is what i dreamed about and i get to live it Obviously every single person would like to see Bryan come back healthy But the fact is that he was part of Wrestlemania 30 and even 31 Not a lot of people can say that they have experienced what he did His career getting cut short due to injuries is a shame but he had moments people spend years dreaming of and working for I make sure i savour every moment I get On whether his snarky TV and Twitter personality is close to him in real life Television is very close to what you get in real life I’m not as extreme in real life as i am in the ring or on television But I am who I am Things work for me this way I don’t think i need to change that How I interact with everyone on Twitter is quite close to how I am in real life On why his character resonates with the WWE audience I don’t feel like i am a character I am who I am Owens might not be my real last name but it is as close to me as it gets Its my sons name Thats why I picked that name Kevin Owens is who I am I probably don’t go around town being as snarky as that but on the inside i am exactly that guy In the bright lights and on the stage of RAW and Smackdown thats kind of my platform to let it out But what you see on TV everyday is a big part of who i am I don’t know if thats why it connects with people because it is very genuine Even before i came to the WWE when i was part of the independent scene i made sure that everything i do is genuine If the audience can tell you are genuine they will get behind you or they will hate you Either way they will react to you because they feel that what they are watching is reality I’ll be honest I don’t like that word gimmick I think a lot of people use it and don’t really know what it means – I don’t know what it means I never connected with people who had outlandish characters if you will I connected with the people who stayed true to themselves which is why I was the biggest ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin fan there was I’m a ‘no frills’ kind of guy On not fitting the typical mould of a WWE wrestler I don’t fit the typical WWE superstar mould People always associate the WWE with very muscley guys who look like they can tear your head off and i don’t look like that If anything that helps me stand out and I’m very proud of I was told many times by many people that I wouldn’t make it to where I am now But that never mattered to me because i knew that i would make it here If someone wants to be a WWE superstar the smartest thing would be to get good training and work hard It sounds very corny and almost something john cena would have written on his t shirt You can’t let people tell you can’t do something I’m living example of how that doesn’t matter ‘Whether his rivalry against the Big Show will continue into Wrestlemania Don’t know whether it will develop to a match at Wrestlemania but i have to say yesterday he hit me with a punch that if you watch on TV it doesn’t look like it would do much damage but his hand is pretty much the size of my head and he pretty much knocked me out I watched it on video and I remember the punch specifically It doesn’t look like much but it rocked me probably more than anything has rocked me in my matches in the last few years His power is something you cant help but be impressed by Im glad i got out of it with my face in one piece On people expecting him to defend his title at Wrestlemania against AJ Styles I don’t think AJ is really at my level He needs to cut his teeth in the WWE a little before he can even think of coming after somebody like me He is still a rookie I have been part of the WWE universe for nine or ten months now That shows my superiority and how dominant I am I have been intercontinental champion and I have accomplished so much more than he has I think before he can even think of coming after me he needs to get a decent haircut first of all then a couple of victories get some time in the WWE and then I’ll entertain the idea of getting into the ring when I feel like it On what his 10-month experience in the WWE has been like Its been a pretty crazy ride I feel like i have accomplished I have lived more in the last one year what most WWE superstars live over five six or seven years or even an entire career Ive been part of so many pay-per-views and been in the ring with John Cena and Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton and Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns and I put a quarter of a fight against all those guys I’ve already done so much of what I dreamed to do when I started twenty years ago But there is so much left to accomplish I’m pretty proud of what i have done so far and I am looking forward to the next five six ten years However long I’m doing this for But I am enjoying the ride On being part of Wrestlemania I bought one ticket to go to Wrestlemania 30 because that’s how huge Wrestlemania is I was already in New Orleans because I was wrestling for various independent promotions at the time and I wanted to go to Wrestlemania because it is Wrestlemania and as a fan I could not miss it Because although I had been wrestling for 13 years at that point I was a wrestling fan and I still am today So I bought a ticket to go to Wrestlemania by myself because of how big an event it is in the industry and I couldn’t miss it And now walking into Wrestlemania as the intercontinental champion is an incredible feeling I remember sitting in the stands in Wrestlemania 30 thinking “I have to be part of this one day” And now a few years later I am going to be defending a title over there There’s no way to put that into words Its something i am quite proud of obviously On whether he would like to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania If a chance ever came to wrestle Undertaker at any point — whether it is at Wrestlemania or Raw or a live event in Texas or wherever– I would jump at the opportunity Obviously the Undertaker is a huge name You know how great Wrestlemania has been for him and I would love to wrestle him I’ve said before that if i had a dream opponent for Wrestlemania of course it would be the undertaker Just being in Wrestlemania is going to be special But Wrestlemania is synonymous with the undertaker Just because it doesn’t happen this year doesn’t mean it won’t happen next year who knows I have to play my part as best as i can I have to be on WWE television and be a big a star as I can and hopefully things will work out my way next year and I will get into the ring with The Undertaker On his relationship with Vince McMahon and Triple H I talk to Vince as much as I can He obviously is the busiest man i know Vince at any time on RAW or Smackdown or on a pay-per-view is thinking about a million things – running the show basically I have a good relationship with him I’m still getting to know him I still feel like we are building a relationship Me and Triple H are closer because of my time in NXT He ultimately made the call to hire me and sign me on a WWE contract Thats something i will always be grateful for Ive got to work a lot closer with Triple H in the ring I know him more on a personal level than I do Vince We talk about our kids and stuff like that They both are very different in a way but they have the same goal – of making WWE as entertaining as possible My favourite thing on RAW if I’m not performing is to sit in the gorilla position where Vince and Triple H work as well as Road Dogg Billy Kidman and all these people that make the show work and just observe how people do that stuff Because who knows where I will end up one day It’s fascinating On what he would change if he was in charge of RAW Only thing i would really change would be to keep more of a track record of wins and losses as far as title contention goes (March 1) RAW saw Dean Ambrose come out and challenge Triple H for the world title match and Triple H said he would give it to him because Dean Ambrose got to his nerves I personally don’t believe Dean Ambrose deserves that match at all I understand Triple H giving it to him only because every time you are around Dean Ambrose you want to put a beating on him because that is the kind of person he is On his friends backstage I get along with some people more than others in the locker room Oddly enough the person i get along best is with Stardust He is kind of interesting to be around I kind of like chaos and he is a pretty chaotic guy I get a kick out of that On whether he was inspired by Bret Hart growing up in Canada I was actually a big Owen Hart fan but I wasn’t a Bret Hart fan at all growing up I guess what it was is that I had an older brother as a kid and I kind of felt the same way Owen did as far as his older brother went I related to Owen almost Now years later obviously I have a very different outlook on Bret Hart and everything he did in wrestling and how talented he was in the ring he was one of the best wrestlers of all time and everybody knows that but just because he was Canadian didn’t mean that I liked him It didn’t really play a factor in it What he expects from Wrestlemania 32 I want to be remembered and this is my first Wrestlemania I’ve been saying on commentary and Twitter that I want to make it KO Mania and I mean that I want whatever I do at Wrestlemania to become the talk of the night Everyone is going out to Wrestlemania trying to steal the show and hoping they are going to be what people are talking about at the end of the night I want to be part of that discussion That’s what matters to me Whether I’m intercontinental champion or not – but I will be because nobody is going to take it from me Whether it is in a singles match or a multi-man match I want my part because that’s what I thrive on For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News

” Owens remembers thinking. 2014, “We respect your sentiments and assure you that nothing will be done to disrespect it.