Practical skills five easy steps to let you fix the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

, a careful analysis of the industry, to find a competitor,

The main content of

is also in the industry for their own to find a site than to do good competitors, why look for competitors? Because of the competitors can refer to its data, content to be a reference for their own future development direction, also can put it as a goal, let oneself Shanghai Longfeng work have a clear goal, so more power to promote Shanghai dragon plan. Through the analysis of the competition but also know the user characteristics, target value, love what what, what are the characteristics of the data, it can reduce the time for themselves, with such important data as a reference, you can make faster and more accurate do website optimization, increase their competitiveness.

everyone at home the most used search engine is of course love Shanghai, love Shanghai has always stressed that, in a period of time before also published an article specifically introduces the content, and few links for detailed description of that quality content can get more love in favour of Shanghai. Of course, this is not.

three, with link optimization optimization,

is the first to say should be the best choice of the industry, but most of the webmaster optimized when the website industry has been determined, the construction site has been successful, so we need to start from the analysis of the industry, this time you have to have a clear understanding of the entire industry, for example, to the development trend of the industry, users concern, understanding of regional distribution, to the finance today for example, the financial industry is the net loan finance industry, the rapid development of the industry, in just a few years as the financial people know, the banking department, the Department of state owned industries have settled in the financial industry, people net loan pay more attention to the safety of the investment funds, the industry there is a feature of the site visitors are mostly concentrated in the work on time.

two, screening for their useful data and information

through the operation of the above believe that has been able to get to a part of useful information, in the second step of above to obtain the data and information filtering, sorting out the valuable information on their own, for example, has obtained the key industry and competitors, then you can write these words according to the website title and description tags, web articles and other content, if the proposal is to write according to the key words to have a reasonable plan, by specialized editors to make. Shanghai Longfeng digital information obtained by the Shanghai dragon can be used as a reference for Shanghai dragon plan.

with the rapid development of Internet, the status of Shanghai dragon in a web site becomes more and more important, so how to fix a website optimization Shanghai dragon? It is actually very simple, as long as the process of combing clear it is easy to do, share with you today and five tips to help you clear the the process that allows you to easily fix Shanghai dragon website optimization.