The face of Google’s semantic analysis algorithm how to layout the content of the website

semantic analysis is the search engine to do, but also our analysis of user needs to do. Of course, users enter a keyword, you can most accurately analyze the real needs of users to search the word? For example, users in the search for Shanghai dragon, how do you know that the user is looking for him to know what is the Shanghai dragon, or he.

we’re talking about how to deal with the semantic analysis algorithm, we need to understand what Google will launch a semantic analysis algorithm. Because only know why to make truly meet the needs of users of content. We look at what is called semantic search, semantic search, search engines work is no longer adhere to the literal request user input statement itself, but look through the phenomenon of nature, accurately capture user input to the true intentions behind the statement, and to search for, to more accurately return to the user the most meet the demand of the search results.


I believe that Google will have an associated word thesaurus, see Google will combine the semantic search technology to improve search words in semantic search algorithm to establish a relationship between different words, such as "Google" and "company founder Larry page and Sergei · · establish the association between Sergey"." This means that if we do this keywords computer, we need the emergence of various computer related keywords with the site. For example, computer with computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard etc.. So we do website content optimization layout or content is published, you should put the associated key layout in. Rather than simply on the website in the core keywords computer several times, but also the need for computer related things are designed, because these related content may also be what users want to know.

, please look at this passage "to improve search in Google search for" Lake Tahoe "(Tahoe) key users will see the main properties of the lake, the search engine will display the Tajo Lake location, altitude, average water temperature and salinity etc.. In fact, from this sentence we can see the content of the site layout should be like. Then we will analyze these words, search in the search for Lake Tahoe, Lake Tahoe may want to know the location and altitude and salinity etc.. Instead of the simple introduction of the lake.

In fact, not only do

some time ago Google launched Google will combine the semantic search technology to improve the search algorithm, which is said to be millions of Google search results page ranking on the site. Although the largest search engine is love Shanghai, but Google did. Believe in love with the sea from doing so is not far away, so we focus on today’s Google is to win in the future love Shanghai. Of course, today I want to share with you is Google once enabled semantic analysis algorithm, we should do the content of the web site layout is the most in line with the search engine algorithm of the