Of private detective network how to Shanghai Dragon

query tool, collect as much as possible query tool sites, such as webmaster nets webmaster tools, sky alliance query tool, 114best query tools and so on, the Taizhou Ace not to collect the 50 website. As long as you put the website you need the query again, every day, usually included. There were also a lot more of the chain.

3, the network favorites, everyone should understand well, such as the Shanghai love collection, music search, Links platform, QQ bookmarks, you can use these.

private detective in the country has been belong to the sensitive topic, and as a private detective company is more such, they do not like other businesses, a salesman or the telephone marketing, they can call you need a private detective. So they only can arise in the network and figure, a private detective website promotion is so important. Presumably the competition is very large. Taizhou Ace after about two priority from different parts of the business of a Private Investigation company, the work is so difficult. Then the next Taizhou Ace (Shanghai dragon) will explain how the key regional private detective to love the first in Shanghai, and keep the. Mainly from the inside and outside of the chain is.


first from within the chain to speak up, the importance of the chain I will not speak, must know Shanghai dragon er. As long as the chain is in the links between the inner chain, private detective web content is to imitate Lu Songsong’s blog, the chain like cobwebs dispersed, the effect is really very good. Second is the chain, this I want to speak about the fine, the chain of Taizhou Ace (Shanghai Longfeng) resources can be really a lot, there is a platform outside the chain, query tool, network favorites, classification of information network, blog comment resources, text website, Shanghai love Wikipedia, ask, blog, Forum resources etc.. So I took a bit of speak.

4, classification of information network, network information classification is generally free, as long as you are in a region has released a message, other areas will also be more than one, the chain is rapidly growing, shortcoming is difficult to control, do not know how much the chain will be suddenly included. The general classification information nets have a list of network, good speaker network, Ganji etc.. This if you want to collect words 30 to one, but in the long link is far greater than these.

5, blog comment resources, these advantages are Taizhou Ace points to collect some areas can add comments on the blog website. The resource is unlimited, as long as you have enough patience. YAHOO generated links from here are never.

1, the platform of the chain, the chain is the main platform in PingTai Railway Station registered some B2B, and then publish detailed information, enterprises in product, the most important is that we must put the company’s Wang Zhi added, this is a reality in the chain.