Love Shanghai in Shanghai Longfeng future adjustment direction prediction algorithm

For example,

in recent years, social networking sites have become increasingly popular in people’s lives such as kaixin001贵族宝贝 and renren贵族宝贝, the major portals such as micro-blog, at present due to various reasons, the website of the external links still have not been incorporated into the algorithm, but in the future, personally think that the search engine will be more and more popular on these sites the link may even go beyond the forum in the future the proportion of chain external links in Shanghai dragon.

website in the field of mobile performance will likely affect the search page ranking in the PC version, to increase their own technical bottleneck breakthrough, and strive to identify the picture of the text, FLASH, JS medium technology is unable to identify the links, and their integration into the ranking algorithm.

6: the trend of personalized search

2: strengthening the social networking site the ranking of the site:


site will be more diversified and integrated marketing, search engine favorite, a site of diversified integrated marketing, website development and website is the main emphasis of the performance of the user experience, and that is the website will also bring a large number of natural chain for the website, and now many non Shanghai dragon who is just ER the chain for ranking released.

4: the influence factors of the website rankings will be more and more

5: focus on individual



is not outside the chain correlation is generally easier to get, but not outside the chain correlation, more likely to publish rankings (such as door website Shanghai Longfeng ER to Shanghai Longfeng forum released the chain), these chain most unable to play a positive role in the site should not be too much, so don’t let these correlation chain too much influence to the chain publisher’s website ranking.


3: pay more attention to the diversification of the integrated marketing website:

search engine.

1: no correlation continues to weaken the role of the chain:

wrote about love Shanghai Shanghai dragon proposal: Shanghai dragon can help to better quality content in the website is presented to search engine and search engine, Shanghai dragon, is a benign symbiotic relationship. In order to enhance the user experience as the goal of the Shanghai dragon ER, the fact is true, however, are some websites on the Internet the ranking is still rely on black hat or grey hat Shanghai dragon to get. Love Shanghai to protect its core interests as the starting point, will not let the Internet a lot of optimization ranking, from the love sea for nearly two years adjustment trend, happy Shanghai dragon guess, love Shanghai for grey hat and black hat Shanghai dragon future algorithm will gradually adjust the direction to the following 10 directions.

ranking software, focusing on the fight against click link, bulk software, station groups such as gray hat or black hat means the ranking of the site.