Huang Cong the path name should pay attention to 3 points.

of course not to the domain name and keyword Pinyin, all is the best, such as w w w.99jianfei.c o m can get some evaluation, but it will cause the domain name length is too long, the user experience is not a good thing.

3, if the path is too long, it only contains the main keywords, such as a column of "children"

3 points Keywords

2, which must include the path to optimize the key words, but don’t let the key words repeated in the path, such as our domain name is tongzhuang.c o M. There is a section to do the word "children’s picture", then the path of this column is not tongzhuang.m/tongzhuangtupian/ and should be tongzhuang.c o m/tupian/.

many webmaster for the domain name and website name path is not very interested, are often arbitrary domain name, just find a fairly good path can be started with keyword pinyin to piece together, or with a long string of key words spelling… Too many examples, but these are not friendly to search engine, named Huang Cong today, talk about the domain name and path of the need to pay attention to what point.

, a domain name appears favorable keywords ranking


understand the above knowledge, we can know the path name is not a simple matter, Huang Cong below a few points need to pay attention to the path name:

ranked keywords favorable path

domain name is a scarce resource, so the search engine is a special care for the domain name or keywords, if your site keywords do is "lose weight", then the w w w.jianfei.c o m this domain will get the evaluation of the search engine is very high, the domain name is born two rich generation, gold itself is very high because they are scarce.

, named after the three path

now the search engine has been able to accurately determine the domain name, path, especially love Shanghai search engine, it is understood China culture, if your path contains keywords, such as w w w.hcsem.c o m/zhaopin/ the site, search engines will be well aware of this column are related and "recruiting" the contents of this search engine to identify the content is good, natural correlation can be improved, weight also improved.

1, domain name to contain the target keywords spelling, if the words are too long, it contains the main keywords. For example, a website to do is "children’s clothing wholesale, spelling words domain name is too long, it can only contain the main keywords" children ", namely tongzhuang.c o M.