Love Shanghai know the enterprise question phenomenon

but today in the group suddenly found a friend sent a love of Shanghai know that the enterprise answer to do marketing content, since 2012 for the love love Shanghai Shanghai know the audit is more and more serious, it has been for the love of Shanghai know marketing strong blow. As long as love in Shanghai knew that obvious promotional content will be deleted, it indicated that the reason is a violation of the relevant provisions of the Shanghai know love, love does not comply with the rules of Shanghai know this kind of words. So, gradually for marketing or other marketing people, for the love of Shanghai know is not in love. There are a few points.

but love Shanghai know that this enterprise launched the quiz, my partner and I was shocked. It is all love Shanghai know this company made a single page. We all know that "there are several parts, TDK, navigation, subject content, recommended reading list. However, the Shanghai enterprises know love quiz, is in line with these aspects, click on the picture immediately know love Shanghai jump above quiz to this enterprise website, the company name and screamed with V. The right part is the company profile and online consultation and telephone booking. Really let our eyes bright blind, it is love Shanghai people know the inside pages link >

love Shanghai for 05 years, Shanghai launched the love to know answers, questions and solving problems, with love for Shanghai know these years we grew up, is to find answers for love Shanghai know, do not know how to love Shanghai know submit the issue, many users will be free to answer questions. Although the love of Shanghai are interested in their products, but because of this question and answer questions the need for users to solve the model, it can be said that this love of friends for Shanghai to take care of your products is acceptable, after all, had family benefits, will allow people to play rogue.

1, love Shanghai know after the launch, has been under the supervision of the above is not very strict, when people find that love Shanghai their products have special weight, and easy to do the home page, which caused do Shanghai Longfeng optimization and marketing personnel, a large area in Shanghai to promote their own love to know content, add the address and telephone contact. Shanghai love with strict supervision, these people know that love is not easy to know Shanghai, Shanghai know and love before deleting some marketing idea. These people feel too waste of time in the above, away from not willing to do a lot of time on it, and love Shanghai know marketing than before.

2, love Shanghai know these years, gathered a lot of content and problems, if the earlier love Shanghai in order to collect the content for content can also tolerate some. With the content of product more, love Shanghai know there will be quantity to quality aspects of transformation. And the new love of Shanghai know, unlike before can soon love Shanghai search home, marketing personnel for the love of Shanghai know this change, can be said to have love and hate, but have no way. However, people in marketing exploration has not stopped, many people left Shanghai obviously know love.