The 63 year old founder of PHS nternet platform cars availableZine founder road means entrepreneurs

in 2010, Wang Zuguang began looking for new impetus. At that time, Wang Zuguang invested in a power company in the United states. Electronic engineers Wang Zuguang, slowly think electric car is not difficult to imagine, relative to traditional cars is relatively simple, because it is dominated by electronic control, rather than mechanical controlled.

Wang Zuguang think there may be a play, they gradually entered the vehicle research and development. As a result, it took a year to develop a prototype, and a longer process from prototype to mass production. Wang Zuguang has spent nearly $6 million in personal investment.

seventeen years ago with three people in the NASDAQ bell, once again with the.

, when Wang Zuguang hesitated to continue developing new energy vehicles, a French electric vehicle company named SITL-Brandt Motors entered bankruptcy restructuring process. The French company spent 200 million euros to develop an electric logistics vehicle and eventually went bankrupt.

my dream has not realized, I got the admission notice, that is a never heard of professional, it is possible to now, there are many students have heard of, is the air traffic control. What does this job do? Now the plane works at the airport and the airlines. They charge the plane how much fuel it takes, how fast it flies, and when it takes off. It’s all air traffic control. I was disappointed when I got the note, or if I had to reread it for a year, or I would have gone to school, I would have chosen to go to school.

today’s theme is "follow your heart, take the moment". That’s how I feel.

introduction: when you do a thing you really want to do, you will be very careful, you can overcome a lot of difficulties. Entrepreneurship is to create wealth, but also to do a meaningful thing.

when I was young, it wasn’t the same as now. What you do now is quite different from your childhood dreams. When I was young, I wanted to be a pilot. My favorite books were books on airplanes and ships. High school, civil aviation cadet to, I took, because too tall, not more than 1.8 meters, I have more than 1.9 meters, the hardware conditions are not met, my dream will be hit. How to do, can not open the aircraft, you can design aircraft, my college entrance examination is voluntary aircraft design. At the time of the college entrance examination, many parents would give me a lot of advice. My father told me to study economics, and my mother told me to study medicine. Now, both economics and medicine can earn a good income. If the aircraft design, may be in the rain, many years out, but I want to design the plane, because good design aircraft is my dream.

the following text according to the scene record finishing, without my review:


later recalled that Wang Zuguang had found himself in another error.

Wang Zuguang first contact the automotive industry in 2006, when he was a partner in China Industrial Equipment Group, research and development of diesel engines and gearboxes, which is the only factory Sequoia cast. But Wang Zuguang soon found that emissions increased year by year, each increase of one standard grade engine price will be doubled, "a decline in demand will rise in price, the equivalent of you come to a demand in the industry decreased year by year".

Wang Zuguang said that France’s supply chain is immature. For example, "wiper", the purchase price in France is 10 times as bad as China, and 50 in China

Hello, everyone. I may be the most special person in the speech. I was neither invested by IDG nor alumni of cuhk. I came here specially from Shenzhen. The entrepreneurial state invited me to share with you the process of my career, I started working eight years later, how do I embark on the road of entrepreneurship, here to share with you.

had to know, not because you don’t do well in exams, but a strange combination of circumstances. I was in Xinjiang, then apply for the southern school, a total of more than a dozen people, there are only two boys are not wearing glasses, the professional requirements of the boys do not wear glasses, eyesight, the civil aviation Dean think this small.

June 6, 2014, sponsored by IDG capital, the co sponsored IDG campus entrepreneurship competition will be held at Zhongshan University in Guangzhou. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate students, designed to tap the campus genius developers and technical geeks. Zine founder of the road meaning to share with you the theme is "follow the heart, grasp the moment", this is his true feelings about entrepreneurship.

"opportunities are rare."." At that time, Wang Zuguang has been in Li Kaifu, Xue Manzi, Xu Xiaoping, Yang Xiangyang, Cai Wensheng and other joint venture, set up Hengyuan electric car company. Wang Zuguang took a fancy to the car, spent 8 million euros bought all the company’s technology, intellectual property, equipment and workers, and this car electric car logistics named "Maiqiao" Metro. Through the acquisition of the French company, which began to want to do a global enterprise.

"new cars almost 100% companies in the world are IT background, because they feel that the car industry is very backward."

at the beginning of 90s, Wang Zuguang returned home, and Lu Hongliang, Xue Manzi co founded UT Sidakang, the successful launch of a later known to every family products of phs. In 2000, three people listed in the United States, leaving a historic lens.

May 2017, 63 year old Wang Zuguang has called two friends to help out the new conference. This time, Wang Zuguang launched the new energy logistics vehicles, Lu Hongliang and Xue Zi is still Wang Zuguang’s partner.