Love the sea box guangtiandi Shanghai Longfeng the end of hills and rivers

known as the "world wide box, unlimited innovation" love Shanghai recently in a period of time the magic change a lot, from the love of Shanghai open platform to open data platform, change from the search box to search engine ranking changes, we can not help but ask, love Shanghai "box wide world" is not true "World Wide Box"? We from another point of view, we first look at the word "beauty", in the love of Shanghai index is 60000-90000 million check traffic flow, as the word "Duke" one day there are more than 50 thousand traffic, "QQ character signature" the word one day 150 thousand more traffic. We are the "beauty" and "Duke" and "QQ character signature" this three word love Shanghai search results:


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The results of

everyone can see, as long as the flow slightly larger keywords, the previous love of Shanghai or Shanghai or Shanghai love love open platform data open platform, search engine results like this, love Shanghai very much in line with the search engine user experience, but we from a perspective of other analysis, webmaster Shanghai Longfeng opportunity is relatively small, how to do in Shanghai in good dragon, rarely exceeding love or love Shanghai love Shanghai or Shanghai open platform data open platform, besides the home page ranking of search results is limited, in addition to join the non love Shanghai open platform. So we want to think, Shanghai dragon is not really the end of hills and rivers of Shanghai Longfeng? Or mountains multiply and streams double back no doubt, There is a way out.