Website optimization FAQ seven why not go to the website weight



7, Links trouble. This factor is often overlooked, the other content is not healthy, search engine optimization cheating, cheating will affect their website weight value, serious complicity be K what is it.

got weight?

6, the user experience of the website is poor. The search engine to determine the user experience from the content of general rate, page retention time, PV value, share reprint rate etc..

8, advertising coverage rate is too high. Love Shanghai and Google two major search engine advertising website has hinted that too much will affect the ranking weight and improve.

The stability of

first to find out factors affecting the website weight improvement what

FAQ about Shanghai dragon, imperceptibly have talked for 6 aspects: "new", "why not be included website snapshot update", "why not false original article why not be included," "why", the site only included the home page "website", "why the decline included the amount of keywords why not stable ranking", today we are going to talk about the problem of weight. The exit from the Google website weight China webmasters began to receive attention, but relatively speaking, personal site in exchange Links to the level of weight was more important than pr. I believe that many owners have asked how to improve website weight like their problem. Then the weight increase, the author believes that the most critical is the love from Shanghai to get traffic flow, the greater the weight value is higher, while the third party tool to query the data and can not represent the love of Shanghai official data, but for this we webmaster website with search engine friendly judgment is a a very important index. Because today I do not go on to talk about the website weight and its solution.

5, the quality of website content is low, the user has no value. General in acquisition of the site, the weight of this kind of site is not high.


2, website of love Shanghai search engine friendly, search engine hate site, how to get the weight lifting

1, a new station site is still in the assessment period, no new general weight within three months to go high.

site excessive optimization search led Zhi once found by the search engine website found that excessive optimization, the light back into the review period, or directly by K.

4, website space or the server is not stable, the space is the root of the normal operation of bearing website, if you are not in normal operation, how to improve the

then the website weight does not put up, we how to solve this problem?

1, security space or server, you might think this is unnecessary, but I still want to write out. Because of the space stability will cause the spider can’t grab, at the same time, users are unable to access your site.