Shanghai Dragon save me out of trouble diagnosis

medical website not ranked no traffic is a waste station to the hospital, how much damage had been caused, originally wanted to give up, to do a new, but felt pity but is not new in a few months we will be able to come up, but K is a self pay a lot of effort to do the old station, inside information has several years of history, can I say give up? I see a solution in the depressed at a loss when the site, no doubt see A5 Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and optimization services, at that time I thought the estimates are some team want to earn extra money. The estimated effect is not good, also didn’t put in the mind, but the fact that I was wrong.


in the next time according to the online said check the website of the steps to see it again, but did not find the specific reasons, although not clear what causes, but he is still a daily update, the hair of the chain, but also to feel there is probable cause, have been changed the search engine friendly place, but persisted for several months or no effect, those who are included in the article page has not come back, and even the rest of this is also not what weight, previous ranking at the moment are gone, what also didn’t flow, not to mention the patient, these it is groundless statement.

but sometimes people get good luck, just as you by surprise and favor in a body, the search engine will be dizzy with success, it is not Shiqu warning you that makes you very disappointed, the site is down right or pull hair that will see your usual operation, of course, from the search engine the overall situation of your site to give you punishment. But we do not want to see whether it is what kind of punishment is, in a few months ago, a medical website I am responsible for the overnight direct only home page, then the rush ah, but also helpless.

but when unfortunately we only choose to brave face, therefore, I believe that every webmaster friends have a very good attitude, ability and compressive ability than ordinary people strong several times, or even already can not stand such a blow, may have been out of the industry in the I love this, but exciting and fun industry, looking at his website in Shanghai love home through the efforts, ranking a little go forward, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, the joy that is absolutely genuine.

webmaster every day and night hard guarding their own website, but the search engine change constantly, no matter how much you try, spent much effort, but sometimes there will be many unexpected surprises, the so-called life unhappy things, nine in ten, but see their website in overnight hair fell in love with altitude or only home page is a very painful thing, if just a little love Shanghai right down, home is not the first, recovery time will be shorter, also let the people something to look forward, not downhearted.

We all know that