Shanghai dragon ER note brand word on construction sites is very important

you may have questions, what is the relationship between the story and website brand word? Indeed, and not the word brand relationship, we do stand the idea of a problem, too greedy. But now is a pressing matter of the moment let website, addressing the website at this time will need to brand word search, let love Shanghai think this website is a user support, he is not Nothing is right., as well as the value of. This is the meaning of the brand. But the tragedy is also love Shanghai together with the brand together blocked, cause I am very clear, because the site before the revision of 2 times brand word, this is taboo station. Brand word is equivalent to the identity of a website, modify the identity will make you do not know love Shanghai station, so as to reduce the degree of trust. Do not say that the K station will not because of one reason is K your station, I think this is one of the important reasons. Perhaps the above described and cannot convince you that here we see an example of this, every time I see I was deplored, what want to modify the brand word.

the Phoenix Town accommodation website early on the line, only a month’s time to do a first core keywords, and usher in the National Day travel peak, daily call volume 200, turnover is also very much, everyone is busy awfully. After the end of the 7 day national day traffic has shrunk, slipped. Fluctuating love Shanghai is a very normal thing, but can not meet the needs of our hearts, since accommodation can be so simple up to do now do tourism can certainly change, after much deliberation of Phoenix Town’s 2 main demand is travel and accommodation, and put the 2 together, not just one can meet the needs of users? Dream is always good, real fusion after problems, website bounce rate is pounding at the same time, tourism websites information generated has hindered the user’s browsing accommodation, giving users the impression is not professional, the turnover rate began to decline, to today’s Web site was K, wake up.

perhaps only a title you can not understand the real meaning of the brand, perhaps only when you feel personally on the scene is more and more brand word is how scarce resources. As a veteran of Shanghai dragon, to make such a mistake is unforgivable, when contact Shanghai dragon concept brand word is not very clear, until now to really understand what is called brand word! Today to give you tell me a story, a true story.


(Figure 2)

above 2 screenshot is related search search when the Phoenix Town Inn, the first is the Phoenix Town in the name of the Dragon inn. (Disclaimer: absolutely not to brush the relevant search) today is the site has been K for second days, the relevant search will take home Inn Phoenix in the first place, that a large number of users because I can not find the site in the search website brand word, that I do have a meaning of existence at this point. Do not waste, but after clicking but did not see my station, brand words also disappeared in Shanghai in search of..

(Figure 1)