Site traffic sources four efficient traffic source

this is the webmaster with a fire. Website optimization is to let the web site in the search engine has a good rankings, the establishment of a traffic channel, to improve your site traffic using Shanghai dragon technology. But this method is the most used, and the most dangerous. Because have fall right and be K danger there. If this happens, then through the website source here will be ruined, if you only rely on this to flow, then a break, you are not what. Custom >

single site traffic sources would make the website every time to no flow edge. Master your website traffic sources are mainly concentrated in the search engine? Can’t the other traffic source? You are not afraid of the day web site problem leads to traffic through Tonghua for nothing? Do webmaster to prepare an emergency plan, as well as the source of traffic. Don’t hold a tree and give up the entire forest. Traffic sources should realize diversity, extensive. This will not lead to the entire flow into the scanty dilemma problems because of a ring. So today I will talk about the five traffic sources. To remind owners, I hope not only to depend on a single source site

Feng Fei the moment QQ group has not in the drainage time. Now with the Q group to build a web site traffic source has been difficult. Because most of the group are forbidden. Advertising, once found must be T, will be T no flow. Because the group knows that everyone, who is not willing to click. Unless you are the main group, you can through some incidental function, such as group, group sharing, group announcement that, these are the main group are based on your situation, if you have several 500 people and is full, then every day over the flow is huge, so this can also be a a good place to site traffic sources. The key is how you do it out of the ordinary, let the group of friends is not objectionable, but also very willing to accept.

QQ group Three, the search engine

, a Q & a platform

webmaster do love quiz platform, using inquiry platform drainage. This method is through someone’s door into their homes. Inquiry platform flow is more accurate, because as long as a search problem for users, is to find the answer. May not want to see the film users to search what is novel. So, through the inquiry platform drainage is especially suitable for some targeted website promotion, such as health care, online shopping etc. these authoritative websites love with inquiry platform promotion, and Q & a platform, as long as you answer through the examination, it is shown in the long term there will not be deleted. Unless someone deliberately to report or close the platform. Relatively speaking, inquiry platform flow is accurate, but also more stringent audit, the Q & a platform. – love Shanghai know, because of its huge flow, therefore, is also the most stringent audit efforts. Always a few minutes, all made the inquiry platform webmaster are met.