Several suggestions on how to do are friends of your site outside the chain of the class


second: for some of the sites included, if we want to obtain entry site outside chain, these sites will generally require our website home page to do a one-way link for the. This requirement for us is actually difficult to accept. Because this is tantamount to get to the front page of our website links to a website within the page links, unless the real weight of the site included is very high, or for our website is actually the disadvantage. So suggest you Adsense website included in the external links, caution, true judgment of authenticity of the weight of each other and PR value, and then consider whether to submit our website.

chain construction to improve the weight of a construction site, is very large, so many webmaster every day immersed in the chain construction work. The site included the chain class also could not escape the chain of webmaster eyes. So some webmasters will focus on the construction of the chain on the construction of the chain site included on the class. These URLs websites, according to the general nature of the site classification, mainly include: site navigation website, web directory website, automatic link website. These types of Web sites are not in the minority, but also very high weight website. Therefore, it will attract a large number of chain construction personnel in droves. But these people do have to pay attention to is the web site included chain, when doing this kind of chain must be carefully selected, high quality website. Otherwise, there may be adverse consequences for your site. Below small make up a few suggestions on how to make your site outside the chain of friends:

third: the website in order to let more site, may take some means of cheating their PR value and weight was very high, then you can embrace the more advertising and website. The ultimate purpose of these websites is to improve their own weight, then there will be more advertisers to advertise. These included the site is included to let website one-way >

: the first in the chain of these sites, to check the web site, these sites weight and PR value, especially for those with very low PR value and love Shanghai very high weight website, be sure to carefully look at whether there are suspected of cheating. Small series have seen several URLs of the site, check the love of Shanghai weight reached 6 of the level in the webmaster tools, but the second day again, the weight had dropped to 2, it is one day a big change, it’s fantastic. Xiao Bian believes that there are many large flow site navigation, or web site directory sites are suspected of cheating, through the brush flow or other ways, drilling search engine vulnerability, let the weight of the website again within a very short time increase a lot. For this kind of cheating, once the search engine notice, will take punitive measures on this website. So for the chain of this site, the value is not large, and not high quality of the chain, just a common connection. Whether it is worth fighting for, worth considering.