Shanghai dragon Er snake should become a network marketing front-line commanders

Zhao Shanghai dragon ER + text + network promotion specialist far 3 Shanghai dragon Er is more effective than you.

I vaguely remember

if the last generation of Shanghai dragon Er, the day is for, how to make search engines to quickly capture, how to choose keywords, how to do the long tail of the title of the article, how to improve keyword rankings, how to write the original article code walls, how to improve the weight of PR love Shanghai. These problems. As a new generation of Shanghai dragon Er, should be taking advantage of the Internet diversification combined with the advantages of Shanghai Longfeng experience to solve the user experience, and a full range of concise and effective promotion, play the role of front-line commanders in the network marketing field.

Er: Shanghai Longfeng responsible for binding information in daily arrangement of concise and effective work table, including the development of the theme of the day, as well as for the corresponding effective promotion scheme (because of the user experience, so not all the promotional programs are suitable for wide range, some methods will cause negative effects), constantly optimize the.

cannot be replaced in I see Shanghai dragon Er, also will not decline, although there is no previous table like that active. But we can see that Shanghai is experiencing the evolution of a dragon or knockout, the role of Shanghai Longfeng Er will be more differentiation, more focused and professional. Shanghai dragon Er are mostly grass-roots, keen sense of smell Internet experience, let them know what users find on the Internet, what the user needs, the user what love. They understand Chinese users more popular.

is now the site and the enterprise should also understand a little. Shanghai dragon Er should not be a sand pushing and moved brick porters, Ta should be part of your command and deployment of the internet. Network marketing should be Shanghai dragon ER + text editor + network promotion specialist team

network promotion specialist: familiar with all kinds of promotion methods, understand the latest promotion skills fast learning, combined with the promotion of efficient promotion of


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Admin5 will be the climax of Shanghai dragon to two years, at least 1/4 Admin5 home page Submission from Shanghai dragon Er enthusiasm, with network marketing more diversified, social marketing, the rise of micro-blog, WeChat, mobile Internet, gradually dilute the search engine this topic a commonplace talk of an old scholar of Shanghai dragon. Even write presumably only a superficial reform some things, with more and more impersonal search engine, let the Shanghai dragon Er webmaster at the mercy of the victim. People can not help but be discouraged, but does that mean that the decline of Shanghai dragon. Whether Er is in Shanghai dragon network army plays the role of carrying the brickwork.

text editor: have some understanding of the product, easy to absorb new information and their own unique insights. Can skilled information will be written up