The chain in the anchor text layout is like that!

compared to the outside of the chain, the chain is the more easier for search engines to crawl and included our site, so the chain network more widely is every webmaster direction. If from a page into the site, the chain network can help us do not click on the redundant page, can turn to see the site nearly half of the contents, the construction of the chain that must be very successful. Although the chain network better, can reach a certain degree, if we increase the range of chain network, the ranking may be reduced! So when you in the construction of the chain, not only need to follow the layout of certain skills, should pay attention to the amount of the chain do not exceed the standard

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from Shanghai dragon professional perspective, the anchor text is one of the most important basis to tell search engines are linked page theme content, so the use of the anchor text said, in the construction of the chain is very necessary! "According to the study, most of the chain anchor text is unable to control, and the chain is completely by the control station that is to say, the anchor text you want to send what type of can, of course in the anchor text in the words perfectly matched, help to improve the relevance of the target page link, and a link.


and Shanghai Longfeng dealing in recent years that the chain is attention in recent years with increasing degrees, before we are in the process of optimizing the site, the most attention is the construction of the chain: more than enough to love Shanghai included enough, outside the chain of hair cloth platform enough diversity. This problem, with the "chain of useless" and ignored by the majority of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, this may also love Shanghai algorithm constantly adjusted results, but it is undeniable that the waste of the chain, for our site itself is beneficial and harmless, so the webmaster in Shanghai dragon in the new age, need to pay more efforts in the construction of internal chain content.


general, small when asked the editors in the construction of the chain, will be put in the primary emphasis in the correlation, this is because the user from the page to enter, want to understand the content must be related, if the page "link to the content you have no relevance," that who also want to see it! So the correlation is every time he talked about in the construction of the chain, can not ignore the content. Of course, in addition to the correlation, the proper use of the anchor text chain construction is very necessary Oh, the main means of the optimization of the site for this is many webmaster

Small Hefei talent network

said the anchor text, a lot of high quality the chain platform can be added, it not only can let everyone in the reading of the article, easier access to our site, but also can increase the weight of the relevant pages from the side, of course this is at the beginning of the construction of the chain may have the effect, now not many platform not to send the anchor text of the chain, even if you send, search engine will be the anchor text look too important, of course, if you have the chain platform visibility is high enough, it’s another