Talk about how to do the analysis of Web site keywords and keyword positioning

site can be said to be the core part of the establishment of the website, why? Because when we set up a website, if there is no goal, no correct positioning, we do not know where the target group, what is the real value of website promotion. This is a waste of time and energy. Without a good website positioning, is not a good start. Here to talk about how to do web site positioning key.

, and the keywords you set is a steel pipe, which is equivalent to your target group has set the wrong. Your customers through the tube into the keyword to your site, jump loss rate will be high, because they need is not thick wall steel pipe, steel pipe, the two although the name almost, but the real purpose is not the same, one is forming a material.

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again, to understand the keyword conversion size, the real core of the problem. Keywords positioning website, its fundamental purpose is to make money, if the site jump loss rate is relatively high, even if there is no traffic, it is of no use. Therefore, on the problem of the conversion, we need many of the Shanghai dragon Er staff to pay more attention to the.

first, we should consider the degree of competition in the key words. If you choose the keywords competition is very large, it is likely that a year after your website, your words are no way to do. For example, if you do a cosmetics website, and your keywords are cosmetics. This keyword often every day tens of thousands of search, but for new sites, it is inevitable that some catch up. So, we must understand and set the keywords and the difficulty of the goal, to optimize the search keyword index less, so as to find their own development orientation.

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second, to understand the number of related keywords and competitor index. Often a keyword index is higher, its popularity is higher. Through observe the number of competitors, also to know exactly how to allocate this keyword, the keyword is discarded, to do some partial unpopular words. These are the need to decide where.

then how to the site location? What is the core problem to consider the site location of

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