URL standard peep website static processing advantage

from the user’s perspective, he felt that this article has value, then he may take the URL paste directly on his website, for his visitors to browse the page to see a bunch of URL that is not clear he will reach a page what. Figure two URL and this can let visitors understand what he is going to say about the page in which the >

let’s look at a URL non standardized example: 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/abc/1093.html. This web site although static processing, but for users, and similar 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/abc/view.asp? Newsid=1093. And there is no essential difference, because in the web site after the user seen still don’t know about the contents of the page required. After all, some reference page will refer directly to the URL of the website, so that users don’t know how he will be brought to a what kind of content.

a lot of contact with customers, many of them are referred to a question: can not change in the context of Web sites, search engine optimization. The answer is negative, website optimization is the details of each decision, not only is a part of every detail, the production site are related to the website optimization. The point is the same, the survival of the search engine is valuable "recommended to the user, without this foundation, the search engine’s life is not for a long time. Today for URL standard which to explain.

we’ll see a URL standard example: 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/networkmarketing/sem/Keep-Your- Website-Content-Fresh.html, this web site allows users to feel he needs to read the content of the page. Well, now the face of the two sites, it produces URL, you or your visitors will tend to search engines, which link? There are a huge number of pages every day, and his work is valuable "which will be recommended to the user, it is the search engine will you the ranking, the simple point that is in the first page of.

URL, a search engine optimization to the problem mentioned, I believe that many owners are also entangled in the site in the end is the static or dynamic good question. The author repeatedly emphasized that all optimization must be based on the user experience, is the absolute supremacy of the user experience for search engine companies, to say what is really the core of the algorithm, I believe that a good user experience of the website can get good rankings, even if it is not, and will be in the future. Return to the ready today to share with you the topic of -URL standard, then the site is dynamic or static, believe that after the reading of the article, we will have an accurate answer.