Shanghai dragon VP God ranking proof website user groups is more important than content

the two is actually complementary, there may be the first point.

you can think about it as simple to do a simple web site, and then spend some money to buy a number of links, buy than Shanghai dragon VIP link is strong. That is absolutely not like Shanghai dragon VIP rankings, so that through this website, a website of audience size than the chain content more powerful. The things we know as long as you can, and not everyone can imitate, not ordinary people can do, because the majority of owners are grassroots, not celebrities. If we are grassroots should be how to do? In fact, in my view the two direction of the first second users do content, circle.

from Shanghai dragon VIP this website content, the content of this site is single, is not particularly good, that does not satisfy most users’ requirements. At least compared to peers of the website, the information richness of the website is far less than the counterparts, just a simple page, which is not what links, occasionally recommend a link to see the site, sometimes every two or three days basically did not see what content. So this site is not to win the content. We may also say the web site is very powerful, yes indeed link is very strong, but the impact of a website can fast ranking the most important factor is the site of loyal audience, it also has a link to the effective time.

is a truly successful website is the website, the real value of the audience. In Shanghai Webmaster Platform has a saying clearly that such an article "the timeliness of resource problems included:" your website needs to have a certain number of loyal audience, the audience can reflect the degree of value of the website, the audience will search engine reference site, and as one of the sites the value of the evaluation criteria and, in general, the greater the faithful audience, more attention to search engine website. From these words can see a website of the audience is the most important factor influencing a site keywords ranking and weighting.

Shanghai Longfeng the website VIP released in November 15, 2012 on the line, 18 days later, optimization keywords "Shanghai dragon training" into the search results page first love Shanghai fame, although experienced in the middle short several days right down the storm, but quickly recovered. In fact, when it was right down I will judge this site is bound to recover, but after this site believe that it is difficult to lower right. Today is to analyze the real reason the website’s success, personally think that the real reason is that the success of the web site or one of the most important reasons is a huge user base, this station is Shanghai Longfeng celebrities, so a website by the Shanghai dragon Er, and later opened the Shanghai dragon training, so user groups to further increase.

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