The future of Shanghai dragon Er transformation direction where

first, continue to do some Taobao customers, because Taobao guest stationmaster also is very popular, and some do not make money, but overall Taobao customers only temporary money, is not a

fifth, the transformation of local portals, industry portals, like Sina, the top three hundred and sixty NetEase portal entry, it is difficult to go to the competition, but now the market can be subdivided, some do a local portal, such as Zhuhai’s windows Zhuhai area local portal website as the automobile industry website, website and the like. But the portal is not everyone can do this, most of them need a better understanding of the industry, what.


second, do English "dump" transformation, English mainly aimed at the noble baby optimization, so need to be proficient in the noble principle that Shanghai dragon baby. Wangzhuan abroad relatively the market is still very large, but do not know if the English webmaster is in trouble, now many webmaster in noble baby Adsense advertising alliance, it can also make a lot of money


third, the transformation of work for the enterprise, are generally responsible for the construction of enterprise website promotion, brand and media delivery etc.. This for employment is also very good, especially in the early stage of their website does not have income or lack of experience, can go to the company to do a period of time, learning experience


third, B2C transformation direction, but it needs to have a premise that they have in place of supply, Shanghai dragon technology. I see so many webmaster – are looking for people together to do, others provide sourcing, his website, the B2C direction of cooperation into, very good.


fourth, website optimization and consulting enterprises, can provide full-time enterprise website optimization and consulting services, a key charge how much money or a website to a few words make up how much money; and that is to do business consultant, although not involved in enterprise network optimization, but to some enterprises in Shanghai dragon rely on this proposal, to charge a service fee, like many city now Shanghai LongFeng Railway Station is these personal webmaster for website optimization and consulting firms do.

is currently the number of ER in Shanghai Longfeng China about more than 100 thousand people, some by trained, some are self-taught, but there is such a phenomenon, 80% of the Shanghai dragon Er originally are to make money through CPS and other forms of advertising. A passion to do Shanghai dragon, is a self-employed, but many webmaster do a period of time after the beginning of the transition, some do not do this industry, some transformation to help people work a month thousands of dollars salary is enough, some transformation to enterprise website development some mall to the direction of development, some do portal, then what the money is better? So today the Internet shock wave and we simply explain the transformation of the future direction of Shanghai dragon Er where