Shanghai Dragon mobile search algorithm of Baidu Mobile

Shanghai dragon According to the The The author believed that mobile search

Baidu mobile search service is the main content of the product will be mobile search and search from two different scoring mechanism, let two search different search results. What if you use the same keyword search results, use desktop computer and mobile devices using the search is not the same. But does not mean that all the search will not get the same results, this depends on the keywords and.

, different information will be displayed in the two place, the first is the APP mobile devices and desktop computer will use different search data, the second is to use the same search engine, but because the search for different purposes, the search engine will give different search results. May I say, we are not very understand, in fact I don’t quite understand, only the possibility of speculation, we continue to look down.

then search on the Baidu mobile.

survey found that, with the increasing popularity of mobile devices, and constantly improve the user search frequency in the mobile Internet in the future, this could mean the end point of network marketing is the mobile search, in other words, all of the network marketing to the end, to see the true chapter in the "mobile" and the use of the search platform. The mobile device search results and table computer query results may be different. I love November 21, 2012, Shanghai mobile media conference, mobile search trends love Shanghai confirmed this point. (note the following applies noble baby mobile search point)

if the general search results can be mobile page banned words, such as the same URL, so mobile page will replace general search results. But if not, the mobile search results pages will be interspersed in the search results.

for the mobile era yuan speculation is: BaiduSprider-Mobile in the network group recruit for mobile phone browsing website, and then crawled down the index, when users use smart mobile phone search, these contents can easily browse the web site in the mobile phone screen, is the site of the width and height in the mobile phone screen.

according to the above section of the road that we can draw a conclusion: if you are using the computer on the table Shanghai Longfeng view operations on all pages of Shanghai dragon operation, may be on the move in Shanghai Longfeng effect and desktop computer rankings are not the same. You have to think about what the page may be mobile search users will need information, and distinguish the general page. For example, now use mobile devices for Baidu search results will have a mobile version of the web page, that is to say, "when you have a version of content for mobile devices, Baidu will increase the weight fraction of the pages in the mobile search, let the mobile page can appear in the mobile search if the mobile phone version of".