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yesterday afternoon, the office of the Information Services Department official news to "test the water real name system" in an interview to confirm. According to reports, at present, more research is how to carry out real name management issues, such as hierarchical management, recommended blog real name system feasibility is relatively large.

BBS real name registration system will be applied to the blog. Yesterday, Ministry officials confirmed to this newspaper, NetEase, Sina, Sohu and other nearly ten sites, is listed as the pilot site real name registration.

, even if you want to K me, but also make things clean, customer service in a word, I only receive the notice, K, you did not discuss. My station day IP more than 20 thousand, hang the whole station floating advertising, a day 20 yuan less, want to cheat, not too low to this level.

IP statistics for one week in December

chatted with their customer service today, screenshot

in August last year, in October two to discuss the blog real name system, for the first time on the Interim Measures issued by the blog website management. It is reported that if the implementation of this initiative is good, the real name registration system will spread to all blog related sites. The official said that if the real name registration is running in good condition, the end of this year is likely to fully implement.

however, there are also those for the "blog real name system" is not optimistic, in 2005, the Tencent Inc to Shenzhen police, the establishment of the group ID card registration management, but in the end due to the detailed management and settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

: according to CNNIC statistics, as of August last year, the number of bloggers reached 17 million 500 thousand, and there were about 33700000 blogs, while the number of blog readers reached about 75000000.

yesterday, China bokee marketing department, Miss Jiang said in an interview, if the real name system, blog groups may reduce the amount, to provide blog platform for the professional website, could mean a substantial decrease in traffic, thus affecting the advertisers put in advertising. Top executives are also considering how to cope with a new profit growth after the drop in access rates.


December revenue screenshot

, the official said at the same time, after the implementation of the real name system, the blog will be "copyright, infringement, privacy, responsibility" and other key elements for effective management.

fully implements the blog real name system, and it faces the change of profit pattern for the professional blog website with blog as its main business. It is reported that the main mode of profit for current Blog websites is to exchange web pages for advertising through high traffic.

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today is to experience the powerful alliance mop scam, in December 2008 before the Spring Festival has not seen the money settlement, and today 2009.2.3 saw their customer service written on the December settlement, but I have not received the money check. Immediately login cat alliance alliance background, clearly see 2008.12 months, 567 yuan has been paid. Ask their customer service immediately, saying that I have been blocked and that I should not log in. But in fact, the account login is normal, and billing is normal. The current cat alliance is poor enough to live on K.

, NetEase, Sina, Sohu and nearly ten websites were identified as pilot blog real name registration time is at the end of last year, the last few days may MII issued relevant documents, this month will progressively implement the real name registration management. Last night, Sina News office staff said it had not yet received notification on the trial of the blog’s real name system.

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