360 search not included some types of not filing website

I have previously said, the search is on the browser client and 360 security guards do flow up, here said it was a lot of week promotion methods, many are now stopped. "Do they also used many methods? Here we can make nothing of it. About 360 how to promote their own websites we not discuss.

"topic: promotion methods at the time, many are now stopped."


if you want to submit your site to 360 search engines, and if your website is the official website of enterprises, such as shopping, group purchase medical equipment website, you are asked to fill out the website below ICP record information, if you do not fill in, behind also remind you, "the website ICP record information cannot be empty, with stars required. But can not fill the record number is the last blog and forum. So if your web site is the enterprise’s official website, shopping and other types of sites, best not to submit the record, because you didn’t also can not be submitted. However, the author found a website to help their company’s new www.***贵族宝贝, also is the enterprise website, did not submit, or by 360.

first for everyone to see a few pictures:

enterprise website included conditions to record


in the search market Chinese love Shanghai alone big situation, why when and where 360 or to enter the search market? For the 360 search service promotion, most people should think of the 360 security guards and the browser market share in China is relatively large. No wonder, some time ago someone said, who has a client who mastered most of the market. However, today in several major science and technology on the website to see that the early promotion of 360 week total regret search overexert.


finally to medical and shopping webmaster friends in a word, no record of the site to submit the 360 to 3>

some people will say that only included a home page, but still included, this site is No. 12.1 on the line, love Shanghai is included on the day, while the 360 snapshot date is at number 12.9. The medical website did not record or included, so I want to ask, 360 is not included is not for this kind of website type? How is it that included no record of the site of the


I think 360 is mostly love Shanghai grab something, otherwise, it is not included in the medical record of the site. Some time ago, a friend 360 search long tail keywords quality is not very good, but the key quality is very good. Although the 360 into the search, but I still think that 360 should improve their technology, fully for the sake of users is a good thing, but you can’t let your users can not find the answer he wanted in your search.