Website optimization coup beyond the opponent is not a dream

on the Internet many optimization technology, every webmaster is very focused on the site every day in search of some main aspects such as ranking, snapshot, often compared with rivals, further improve their website ranking, let more users through the search engine to enter our site bring us more benefits. But the rankings are not just so simple to talk about, or to each stationmaster’s hard work, but we can use some tips to refer to the optimization, so as to make our rankings more brilliant.

both for search engines or users, high quality content in the website is to attract users and spiders good stuff. Therefore, good content in the rankings also plays a vital role. So if we want to go beyond the opponent, must be in the content under the foot, with the keyword of the website to write, and constantly improve the user experience, and give the spider a permanent fresh, so as to make the search.

(coup two) with original content, let the quality fly

no matter what the search engine ranking, ranking good, want to prison site outside the chain in which it plays a born dead, we can refer to some successful website, there is a huge chain of the network support. Of course, in the chain at the same time, we are going to do the high quality the chain, not just the chain of garbage. So we want to improve the site’s weight, it is essential that the high quality of the chain, then what can fast perhaps the high quality of the chain way? So this time we can reference the rankings better site, to use Webmaster Tools chain analysis, so we choose the high quality of the chain to publish. At the same time also can find some high weight site do Links, or buy some portal links (do not buy too much time, in the long term). The chain network every day quantitative to layout their website, and a long stick, then we have good basic conditions beyond the opponent site.

, reference

every website over competitors situation, we need to refer to rival sites of Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, to "understand, just can be victorious". Then we optimize the rivals and combine their own site to carry out a series of evolution, can. Specific methods are as follows:

whenever a new online site after, I believe that every webmaster is in the first time thinking about how to do the site’s ranking, and enhance the weight of the website included snapshot, a series of problems, in which the Internet can hope to share these conditions to make your own website. Of course, there are also many webmaster do their website at the same time and often compared with rival website, learn from the shortcomings, to make their sites more perfect, let users more love, so as to make their sites have more living space.

(a coup) chain arrangement, so that the weight of fly