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a lot of people both love and hate. Love a soft, good effect, can not only to establish brand awareness, but also can promote the sales of the products, and achieve the purpose of speculation or other. Hate no one, is a big headache. A5, ChinaZ and other contributors to the website every day a large number of updates contribute to the webmaster, many webmaster is a day. Their soft material or inspiration comes from where


others to summarize the article on your idea. This is also speculation standing ammunition". Many famous writers, for a people to say, write some commentary, plus writing network Navy operation. Quickly spread on the Internet, so that the network celebrity was born.

comes to Shanghai dragon, which have unique insights into your own technology, can also draw up the articles for each. This article can write a lot. Actual combat experience illustrates the webmaster can make the article more vivid, more easy to understand readers digest. This material is more and more works, summarizes many previous findings or technology.

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a good marketing expert not every hour and moment in the collection of material, of course, we are not a writer, we take some more or less soft sales taste, but more should stand in the perspective of readers, put ads on the side, consider whether the value of this article, the reader can read the entire or from smooth benefit.

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many operations Shanghai Longfeng friends will do some small experiments, can process the results of these experiments are found to share. Like ZAC’s "Daily Post" is a lot to write their own experiments. Each love Shanghai update parse ranking fluctuation, site is down right and so on is how to solve the problem. Although this article has its own unique views too many to count, but the article is still going to be welcomed.

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will be applied to many writers, this article writing is more common, in real time, readers are more likely to accept. For example, "today Li Yuchun was forced the focus of considerable number, many women products may be around this topic to write text, taking advantage of marketing. This is usually the individual event hot in life assurance.

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