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from sharing the bike to the shared umbrella: predecessors had planted the pit, the younger generation have jumped

Beijing time on May 24th night at 11:30, telephone calls and entertainment capital still with bona film president.

however, in the face of the sharing economy barbaric growth momentum we have to calm down, flooding the sharing economy really air or second O2O? Now on the market of these shared economy really reliable?

CAA’s original business is to provide the directors, artists, producers and other packaging services for Hollywood’s six largest and global film companies, and charge about 10% Commission fees.

entertainment Das Kapital, Yu said, the future, behind Hollywood independent filmmaking, stand may be China capital.

but with six investment in the film gradually conservative, prefer to invest like "Transformers" "yellow" and "mission impossible" and other similar box office guarantee sequel or series, resulting in a lot of independent director and producer of the project is very difficult to find investors.


in the past few years, the sharing of commercial mode of economy rapid rise in the global scope, sharing business platform represented by Uber, continues to influence and change people’s way of life and business operation mode.

this is an example, because in addition to the many problems facing the bike sharing but also other shared economic issues need to be considered, these problems can not be solved which is difficult to achieve the network about cars like success.

, but from the CAA’s point of view, the joint venture by China’s capital foundation to invest in an independent film might be a drag.

in the "Midway Islands" project, although CAA did not invest, but both Bona recommended items, and provide the director and producer, supporting the last simply, directly with the Bona film set up a $150 million film investment fund.

shared bikes should be the hottest shared economy at the moment, but there’s a lot of pressure behind it. Not to mention the sharing of bicycle profits and the public problems it raises, just a breakdown of all sorts of broken bike, bicycle privatization problems, enough for each player to "drink a pot".


announced two big news at the Cannes Film Festival this year. One is announced to invest 80 million dollars to buy "Midway Islands" in addition to all global interests outside the United states. Directed by Hollywood director Roland · and directed by Emmerich, the film is the first time the Chinese company has gained control of the project in its participation in an outside film.

the fund will invest in "Midway Islands", but the share is relatively small.

shared an umbrella not only don’t Jie, and 100% of the loss rate let embarrassment it is far beyond the previous shared bicycle, full interpretation of what is called "bring forth the new through the old Yangtze river".


In an interview with

and CAA set up a $150 million fund Boehner, superior in stratagem

another big news, may be more industry value Boehner announced, will be "Midway Islands" project and the "matchmaker" and the world’s largest talent agency CAA established a $150 million joint investment fund, foreign Co productions, as well as for the local Chinese film.

is precisely this heavy asset model, so that this sharing economy has an inevitable short board, sharing a bike planted pit, and later shared treasure treasure, share umbrellas are also inevitable will jump in.

Zhigang appears in the network about the car business model is the essence as a bridge and connected with supplier and demand, is the consumer to consumer model, since the shared bicycle, sharing economy began to go B2C Road, the platform itself to act as suppliers, sharing the bicycle, car sharing undoubtedly belongs to heavy asset mode, umbrella, basketball, although a single stream of charging treasure cost is low, but after large area promotion still belongs to heavy asset mode.

the imagination of the Chinese people is endless, and since the rise of O2O, the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the Chinese people has been extremely loud. When the shared economy experienced a "C2C" copy to China, from travel spread to short rent, from C2C into B2C, in China, shared economic business models emerge in more industries and areas, to explore a large number of entrepreneurs and innovators in this way.

as a shared economy younger shared an umbrella, it also encountered the same problem, the morning of June 1st, a shared umbrella enterprise began in Shanghai first put 100 sharing an umbrella. In just one day, 100 of Shanghai’s shared umbrellas were taken away, but no one returned it.

first of all, the asset model, the demand for funds, scale and turnover

in China foreign exchange regulatory policy constantly increasingly stringent environment, Bona film through the establishment of overseas funds and CAA, investment in overseas blockbusters really came out on top, save a lot of trouble.

, and these people are exactly CAA’s signing clients. In order to help these artists find an investment, CAA decided to steer clear of the big six and start his own indie production.

Yu Dong said: "next, we will soon have the first 150 million U. S. dollars raised in place.". The plates don’t seem to be big, but it’s a long-term rolling fund that runs out of stock. As long as there are good projects, investors recognized the Bona brand, the entire fund on >

director Roland · Emmerich left, Yu Dong right