How to restore the weight and ranking to modify the site title

third, look at the love of Shanghai’s own products, after all, is his own son, will certainly be some attention. Of course, love Shanghai know, love Shanghai library if these a link is very difficult, but the recent launch of the Shanghai Shanghai love love love experience and Shanghai encyclopedia or in reference there with a link, the link is as long as the reference is related to the content on the line you in love there to write the contents of the products of Shanghai although, do not transfer the weight, but still can attract the spider crawling and guide the user traffic.

the above is the Guangzhou Shanghai dragon personal views, don’t speak very good place please.

at the beginning of the site to consider is not rigorous, the title was rough, wait to be included after love Shanghai or site weight to feel the need to change the site title in a better position, however, when if revision of the title of the site is quite easy to be loved in Shanghai right down even if K is down right or be K that pain is self-evident. Then change the website title after what to do to want to restore the weight and ranking? Guangzhou Shanghai dragon elephant now and some thinking about himself, wrong please.

First, in the

change the title is not terrible, but also can not change, it is very important to do what the key changes. Even so, I still hope to the webmaster do not frequently change the title. Group is the site to determine the line before the title of the site.

modify site title, we have to do is to improve the quality of the content of the website, every day update one to two articles of the original article, fixed time release, words not too little and not to put too many keywords and links, because it is very easy to cause the accumulation of keywords, so instead of The loss outweighs the gain.

in the hair of the chain also needs to pay attention to, now the forum signature has been with the implementation of green algorithm love Shanghai and the Spark Program lost its role, because of this, many forums have canceled the signature function. Guangzhou Shanghai Longfeng elephant that to get the signature instead of spending so much energy, it’s better to spend time to keep a blog. When a new blog at the beginning of the collection will be slower, but once up, will soon be included.

fourth, exchange chain, now Shanghai is also very strict love to stand group of combat, hoping not to defy the law, this time to know some people, many in exchange for some Links, so the weight of the website ranking and the recovery is very useful.

In second, Many webmaster

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