How to choose the appropriate site keywords for your website.

choose the site and let it bring you flow if you want to have this keyword sure do love Shanghai before three and keep for a long time, which is required for certain strength. If you have no confidence, so I advise you to give up as the new head of the keywords, to choose other suitable. At the same time you have to consider, with the key words for the names of love Shanghai bidding much, if sex extension in Shanghai too much, you can also consider Pass over the words, even if you do before three may also be the website promotion cut away most of the traffic.

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two, considering the difficulty of the competition

of divergent thinking in the choice of keywords

How to choose the appropriate

don’t rensili in the choice of keywords, once the limit in a range not easily change to divergent thinking, if you choose the keyword index is very high, you can choose divergent, and keywords similar users are likely to think of and in the keywords search content. Such as "clothing" this keyword index is too high, too competitive.

three, directional selection keywords


, a reference to the appropriate reference index

in the choice of keywords, we cannot rely on love Shanghai keywords index and Google keyword index too, only as a reference, not completely on the basis of. Because the index is not necessarily in the long-term to maintain a relatively stable state, but also to consider the volatility index curve of a word in some cases caused by deliberately deliberately brush words, if you choose the wrong words, then you don’t have much use of the site. According to my experience, as a general keywords, if the index can be about 500 of the index in a long time, you can do love Shanghai before three, you can bring the flow rate is about 200-300. so don’t be too optimistic estimates of some index, but to analyze the.

site keywords, is very important for your website. Before establishing his own website, first of all to do a clear positioning for their own website, according to this position to choose the appropriate site keywords, website optimization. As Shanghai dragon novice, but always tend to ignore some of the details of the problem, resulting in keyword selection is not suitable for even entirely wrong, buried in front of the hard. How to select the appropriate keywords, small summed up the following points for the novice webmaster to refer to:

novice webmaster some doubts, I have chosen the word index is very high and also strive to love Shanghai, ranking, site visits also came up, but is not selling, what is the reason? This might be related to the keywords you choose. It is very important to choose keywords another point is to choose keywords orientation, the orientation choice of keywords will your target customers lock.