The black hat Shanghai dragon called new Shanghai dragon optimization

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brush love Shanghai ranking can be said to be two categories, one is manual brush, a brush is software. The principle is very simple, use the search engine on the user’s behavior to judge whether the site belongs to our waste site, whether should give the website ranking, this aspect, after anti spam in Shanghai love Web2.0 upgrade is more obvious.

from the Shanghai love index can be seen in the screenshot, although the "brush love Shanghai ranked" the word is not very popular, but also has a certain amount of search. Then love Shanghai ranked really just a few mouse clicks can come up? Jiaxing Shanghai dragon has some of his own ideas for the new Shanghai dragon.


from the construction site in Jiaxing (贵族宝贝 Jiaxing Hao large network science and technology limited company original, reproduced with

we can clearly tell you, this is definitely the black hat techniques. The principle of search engine ranking is the "content is king, the chain for emperor", many of the so-called new Shanghai dragon is to seize the search engine’s blind spots, but also can be said to be what they call a "loophole", as an ordinary webmaster are not allowed to own small loopholes, as the Internet search engine tycoon will allow the existence of loopholes? So regardless of any black hat techniques are not for a long time.

brush love Shanghai ranking for our webmaster, I personally feel like the drug plays in real life. Once touched won’t regret, it must stop the brush, unless itself is not good to the construction site. Just imagine, if the software is not updated, if the software author began selling price? Of course, these are small, the most important is the black hat search engine technology also involves manual intervention.

recently on the Internet blew Shanghai dragon wind optimization training, many training institutions to promote the new trend of Shanghai dragon. The webmaster discussion platform everywhere a variety of similar advertising, "three days ranked in the top three", "6 hours in Shanghai love home", "no need to update the article, you can move the mouse ranking" and so on, is misleading a lot to enter the Internet industry novice webmaster.

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search engine ranking is just a search, click all vividly screen. In fact, a lot of brush love Shanghai ranking software are not the same, the principle is the same, so there is not one software which software is not good.


search engine, has a certain effect of PV and web user retention time and other factors have on the website ranking, which we often emphasize the user experience of the.