The enterprise website optimization process, we need to consider the details of what

enterprise website ranking optimization first, you need to be clear about your service group. Network marketing is the key to the problem is a site location, specific to the enterprise station is our user group analysis, corresponding to our audience how to analysis? Any kind of products could not meet the potential needs of all users, each product has its fixed population orientation. So, figuring out the purchase crowd characteristics, mainly including the following details of the main points, the user’s age, they buy products of interest in the main occupation, where between different gender characteristics, which is what the user age, regional distribution and so on are the object of our analysis. Understand the basic information of the user, we can build on the site of the site for experience for the specific design, we should think in terms of content the content of the website should do the content to attract them, prompting them to browse our website deep, long time to stay, they allowed us to and from we trust to buy the product or service gradually.

second, insufficient analysis of themselves and their peers understand their site site. The social competition is becoming increasingly fierce, in this very similar circumstances, our website must make its own characteristics, when we think it has the perfect site layout, please stop, if possible in the next brainstorming, let us from sales colleagues suggestions or comments for the website with everyone’s ideas do we see those things is not good enough, as a webmaster should also be a caring people, we should have more comparative analysis with site related search keywords, see the content and experience of those who are worth learning and reference, nothing is the pink of perfection, we can do is try my best to get the majority of the people recognized their own site, this is enough.

as everyone knows, the enterprise website optimization division of many small and medium enterprises to choose a kind of network marketing is very important, as an optimization personnel we must understand the enterprise website in the optimization process of the key and difficult and should pay attention to the details of what points, marketing is not only the ranking of words, it is more important to achieve effect after optimization enterprise marketing value, the author here, and all the detail, we optimize the details in the course of the enterprise must pay attention to the station.

third, "planning from the user to read the detailed steps of final marketing. The core of the network marketing is marketing, Shanghai dragon is the only way we marketing only, as a qualified enterprise owners, we must plan and detailed analysis of web users from reading web content into a moment to buy our services in the process, the optimization objective is through the keywords for the site a large number of accurate flow, and the marketing process is to consider how the website can be an effective flow into consulting and sales orders? For example, for different types of products in detail, aiming at the main problems of existing customers, and guide customers to consult.