Shanghai Longfeng foundation in construction site should pay attention to.

search engines crawl system, built on a site, you need to do some basic work of Shanghai dragon. We are working in Shanghai Longfeng after up on the site, and then to add content, do the chain. But some things are not so good at the site after molding modification.

, a web site structure.

2, to ensure that each page is at least one other point ". (column page is home page, then the content page column page to be. If a page is independent, so the spider can not find it.


might be like www.***贵族宝贝/1/123.html links. What is the problem? This is no problem. But if possible, it is recommended to optimize it it. Optimization of www.***贵族宝贝/jiaocheng/ruhexuexi Shanghai dragon.Html that will be good. Because the spider is known pinyin.

website structure refers to the logical structure of the website. It is the link configuration. Enter the homepage, then what are the links to a page or column. Down a layer. A good website structure can make the search engine spiders better and more quickly grab your content.

this is a schematic diagram of their hand to do, you will see. The common structure is the "home column page page" but some sites because more classification. A small column large column page, so the structure is "home – Big – small column page column page page" according to their website content.


common is the "home page / column page / content page that shows. But many of the CMS system, or blog system. The original is "home page / column page content page ID/ ID" display.


1, from the home to the details of the page level to be less as far as possible. (such as "home column page page" than the "home – Big – small column page column page page" level less. Without affecting the user experience, ranging from less. Whether it is to transfer the customer experience, grab and weight, it is very good.


on the structure of the site there are three main points need attention.


) According to the working principle of

is the content page, each column set.

General In general there are several

two, URL.


3, each page as possible with navigation. (not only means the total navigation, navigation and level. Is the user in any one ", it can be a layer by clicking on a link back to the.


tree type structure.