The enterprise website frequently cause analysis of the site was down the right lead to black


key site was linked to horse and a lot of problems, here we have no one by one and you said, I hope you at any time and we exchange learning.

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a website details the structure of your site is not ready, it is easy for hackers to break into your site, such as when the line on the website, we must remember that the website user name and password modification, many companies in the network to customers are the default username and password used to remember the line must be modified, in addition to background landing address this general is not directly behind the admin can be a plus. The best landing address modify complex point.

1, the development of language and the program itself


2, the details of the site itself does not do a good job

also asked our programmers when writing code to some of the program are to add some website vulnerabilities to judge, often with some patches. If the code is not written by this specification is also very easy to let others invade your website and affect your site’s ranking.

programmer code itselfThe

server business, 3

web service selection is very important, if you want to have the server site horse, it may also affect you, so we choose IDC when must pay attention to the safety of the server, the server also FTP password this we also remember, do not the same username and password, modify slightly more complicated and if you have the server, it must do the daily safety check server.

we do when the site often encounter a customer to reflect his website often not open, or often being hung up the Trojan or there are uncivilized information. So what causes our website is often black. Today, Hefei network company and we talk about.

How to

is now the country to take us to Anhui Hefei, or ASP ninety per cent of the network company, not to say that ASP is not good, but ASP is generally used access database, so the database and website source together so that it is easy to let you know the website user name, password and other information easily put your site to black.