The site outside the station optimization of Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner should where to start

third, add links spread widely through some business activities. With access to new media marketing, especially the introduction of WeChat marketing, micro-blog marketing, love Shanghai search engine for the user website promotion process occupies a very large proportion of the vote for the site preferences, this time we engage in some activities to allow users to spontaneously through WeChat or micro-blog on our products or news links through the usual our own dead links quicker, expand our posts or links spread, this is undoubtedly the most popular website search engine marketing and promotion, the user spontaneous behavior is the best way to search engine to identify the most valued high-quality website.

first, website content is to meet the needs of users. We know that the content of quality not only should be reflected in the original point of view, the author observed many sites, the quality is the original is choreographed, but still can not get good rankings, the author analysis the website found that many articles just to search engine and it is only in order to optimize the creation of the article. This article is not the user’s favorite articles for users without the value of the article will bounce rate increased, the viscosity of users is undoubtedly the unattractive, so I suggest writing must satisfy the user certain requirements, such as curiosity, rigid demand, even win a smile than dry without value the text is much better, so the article must be multi angle, standing on the other side of the level, the preference is to grasp each other A key point.

second, the website layout should tap the user’s contact demand. Many times, especially the enterprise website when the website structure layout of the home page, most of them is placed in company news, company introduction, product introduction of these things, but I think these are just as users of demand, more important is that the user is not only directly to the website he wants to buy, it is more important to get such as the market, products, customer case, customer message and interaction, at this time I think of these hidden needs deep excavation is an effective means to keep our website visitors, such as the net increase of micro-blog’s interactive module, add some advisory message module, analysis module, these are the best way to reflect the potential demand in the the structure of the website to add some real customer case and some products market.

website optimization is a long-term and systematic work, as a webmaster we must understand that we optimize every step, every motive purpose and significance, as a specialist Shanghai Longfeng professional only if we constantly adjust and optimize our thoughts, make their way along with the search engine, with the user’s search behavior to go I believe the website optimization work can get a good long-term effect is good, we continued the gossip short, and do a detailed analysis, website optimization Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner should where to start.

fourth, allowing users to get happy on the site. We know that people get along with people.