The reason of Google included less time for a long time

with a lot of people, most of that noble baby dance (just explain nobility baby Dance is noble baby regularly updated its indexing activities, give people the feeling is like dancing. Dance in this process, the noble baby stored in the index have been updated, the website ranking will be changed), if the site has a large number of repetitive content or acquisition, will cut the snapshot of the situation, change is caused by the normal update Google.

website cheating

, a Google dance

web site space is not stable, the record in view of the domestic situation, a considerable part of the site space in foreign countries, Hongkong’s international bandwidth is only 1M, the IP also frequently blocked, frequently open website. Open or too slow. Google’s response is sensitive, continuous updates can catch that information, then your station is from the database cleanup is not far away. Because Google thought your site has been closed, or the relevant page does not exist, then removed from the index database. The second day when the spider to grab and put the URL address database join.

three, the

recently included a website in Google, it is very unstable, sometimes more than 3000, sometimes 1500, beating in the two figures, the volatility of the very severe. Also checked the peer many site, basically have to happen. Also consulted a number of master, all the talk about fuzzy, I’m not sure, so summarizes several reasons out and communicate with you. Reference site www.pfzxmr贵族宝贝/


above is of the "some opinions from Google for", if we hope to reveal the operation. The other starting 贵族宝贝pfzxmr贵族宝贝/, please indicate the source, thank you for your cooperation.

such as acquisition, keyword accumulation, and the site a large number of duplicate content, hidden text and so on. If this happens, even if Google has included you, don’t feel it. When the update will gradually eliminate. As the two level domain and cross connect blog will lead to this situation, it is also one of the reasons most common. Almost all content acquisition, but also a collection of very popular articles. The search engine suddenly you thousands of pages, but in a certain period of time, the search engine will re search, if your content has no value words are discarded.



two, the use of space is not stable