Grass root webmaster how to bypass the sandbox wise remark of an experienced person

as a new term, "grass root" webmaster without Baidu and brother of the valley is thoroughly tempered won’t really understand what is the search engine. Wait for 24 hours every day all soak in the online website, hard hard maybe in the end did not see any results, even the most basic site home page and inside pages included are not guaranteed, is cheating! To talk about the experience of 5 months following the author with his own new sites, how to enter the sandbox brewing disaster how to stand out of the shadow of K, who just entered the station to do new grass root webmaster have a simple for you about the wise remark of an experienced person, my bitter experience.

although not achieve their ideal expectations, just because of his new hand cheap reason person sent sandbox, and personally took it out, during which the only hard we can realize, summed up: the wise remark of an experienced person.

is a new station in May to begin preparations, intermediate and experienced CN suffix for the record of a pile of trouble, but now CN can personal application and for the record, not angry I was opening up, this is not tired! Website 10 days to be love Shanghai home snapshot, because after a heart a number of basic information first thought accumulation site, a large number of reprint released to other web content, and their own original articles with them at first, love Shanghai very friendly under the inside pages included continue to increase stability at most one day included nearly 500, as more than 1 months the total number of less than 1000 of the new station is worth excited, you know Baidu included the website content in half! Because the time to do the station worry home did not do the planning and perfect, pushing technology in the 1 days of the home page structure and layout completely This is done during the second months in the website operation, just waiting for the website continue to become bigger and stronger, found between the website page more than 500 night were all K, page snapshot stop. Ask the technical know to be fall in love with altitude hair, fortunately at home is "survival", this period will not dare to touch your home page and the inside pages of any structure, can only obediently send news, information and 95% of the original, pseudo original to occupy 5%, other websites news basically stopped the action the addition of 5 new sites in Links, high weight Links never mind is basically impossible, then back then picked up several updated daily snapshot and included the inside pages of the website.

just endure loneliness to a half, some changes in the web page, began to include home every day the latest snapshot, weight and love in Shanghai rose to 1, see these changes in the eyes are "wet", this change also lasted a month, basically is the second page but at midnight, was again Baidu away. Although the daily to see all the good mentality, but secretly think: love of spiders in Shanghai and I will feed you, you will give me a day out. This will continue to adhere to the front of the "provisions of action", enter the sandbox for second and a half months on the site, the site included the inside pages also tended to be normal, keywords also increased.