Domain name website optimization selection also can not ignore the user experience

The highest level

what kind of domain name is the good domain name? The author once wrote "analysis" methods based on the domain name of the website optimization, website optimization system described in view of how to choose the domain name. It should be said that the user experience and site optimization is the same strain, has a good user experience of the website domain name, is more conducive to the implementation of site optimization. The site is to give users see, buy domain name based on the user experience, but also more in line with the purpose of website construction. Specifically, is the domain name in the purchase, more from the user’s point of view to think about to imagine. Professional website construction company pilot technology, good domain name must be short enough, and must give full consideration to the user habits.

certainly short domain name easy to remember, but some rich meaning of the long domain name is easy to remember. For example, Shanghai love of the domain name www.baidu贵族宝贝, it is reminiscent of "the dream he found the love of Shanghai", the great meaning is not short but absolutely easy to remember. There are similar www.ganji贵族宝贝/www.baixing贵族宝贝 and so on. If the word or combination of Pinyin domain names were registered, then the digital combination of the domain name, is also a very good choice, such as the qianchengwuyou website domain name www.51job贵族宝贝. But should be paid attention to is a middle name as far as possible do not appear even as ordinary visitors characters, it is hard to understand is crossed or underlined, or a hyphen.

determine the domain name must understand website using the object, if the majority of customers is China, and education level is not very high, please try to use pinyin. If the site is mainly the foreign customers, and especially in some European and American countries – >

two, the domain name selection should consider the habits of users

domain name short enough contains two meanings, one is short, one is easy to remember. There is no doubt that the short domain name more easily remembered. So the domain name itself has been in line with the "short short enough" principle, but the reality is that the Internet has experienced ten years of development, short domain name is now difficult to find. So the short domain name has become a miles away dream, then some rich meaning of the domain name is "easy to remember" second options.

, a domain name is short enough to choose the first principle

website construction and optimization, is a good user experience. Many people think that the user experience is built on the site itself, and is a good search engine ranking based on. This point of view this is not wrong, only the content can be more quality to win the trust of users, but also to get popular search engine. But the removal of content, there are still a lot of factors related to user experience, such as hosting, fast and stable security server absolutely can effectively enhance the user experience. Another example of domain name, many people may not have realized that an integral part of the domain name is the user experience.