Huang Zumin love Shanghai keywords ranking home tactics


is the original article can quickly enhance the website weight and keywords ranking, the original article the spider crawling time is longer, so as to enhance the rapid grab article, love Shanghai overnight snapshot update. My blog is just set up, write a original articles every day, now ALEXA is ranked 2 million, Shanghai love weight is very high, basically a post a few minutes included, is to update the snapshot overnight. Write articles about the need to write a high quality original article, for ER, the main Shanghai dragon is the execution, Zac daily post, Lou loose 2 days a stick, Yue Hao 1 Monday article essence of original articles and so on, are fully demonstrated the importance of writing original high quality articles.

recently a Shanghai dragon Er3 days will be a keyword from page third to page optimization. On Saturday September 3rd saw his ranking is second or twentieth, the last page. 12 noon, so the search keywords, that has been at the top of the home page, because it is the dormitory roommate, also came to a consultation, on looking at factors of Shanghai Longfeng ranking, but mainly the most effective ranking method can enhance one investigation, behind to explain about the website ranking.


quickly upgrade the original article

fast lifting chain

search engine optimization know "content is king, the chain is king", wrote the article you will also need to promote their own, high weight related industry forum released, hair every day the chain, the chain grew to love station, linkhelp query, relative to competitors, one of the the chain is the main factor analysis, beyond the competitors at least the chain you have in front of him, only the industry Web site in a square position. For Links is to enhance the website weight, an important factor of keywords ranking, the rain had up to 500 one-way links, prompted him to Shanghai dragon high. You can see that Links function, then change Links also note, if the weight of each other is hijacked PR, love Shanghai, love Shanghai included snapshot is normal, the number of Links large does not change, more than 50 can be considered not changed.

the rain we should all know, the original Shanghai dragon black hat technology directly to the Shanghai dragon search in large quantity, and the concentration of Shanghai dragon elite optimization, using some technology will optimize the Shanghai dragon to the first, and is popular in Shanghai for a period of time a dragon. Through the analysis of a few days, the rain also revealed that by one-way Links, accounted for home. For Links website ranking is particularly important as a factor, you Links more and are of high weight, the PR value of output value is high, if one can do a keyword, constantly updated content, continuous high weight forum third party platform, blog, forum and related information, can be quickly the top of the rankings.

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