The new era of Shanghai dragon seeking survival independent blog

model is a single ad end

more is the establishment of the brand

domestic independent domain name and update the personal blog, but many webmaster, plus the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, independent blog basically coming to an end. But the Shanghai self update algorithm Scindapsus, BBS signature is considered garbage after the chain, whether independent blog webmaster can rise again, have not thought about and in the forum to do outside the chain, the chain is not independent of the blog. To survive in this new era of independent blog Shanghai dragon under what is

blog in the message system was added after nofollow, many potential users to the BBS forum, but the forum outside the chain is considered garbage chain as independent bloggers should seize the opportunity to make their own independent blog, find a way to live properly, improve independent blog profit model.



is called the "blog" should belong to the personal nature, if used for commercial properties should be called "web site", bloggers use the blog to record their own experience, to share the potential user demand, to share these things may be free, the blogger to say is the accumulation of popularity. For the site’s traffic. As many free "WP blog template" blog, blog advertising may be the main source of profit, but not because the service is free of charge on the analysis of flicker customers, will find these template website are innovative services, and constantly update their design goals, breaking the previous simple blog system, CMS system a lot of free blog templates are innovation, such innovation provides Web services, to further meet the needs of users, do not let the site of new and old customers churn.

provides the service with "innovation"

independent blogger the most profit model is advertising, the threshold is low, the operation is simple and convenient, single advertising profit model has been unable to meet the needs of the new era, to survive on the independent blog, a single advertising profit has become the end. The independent blog is more important for profit, the main Bo can particularly familiar with a field of product sales, use blog. Such as Taobao will be the establishment of an independent blog, then according to the operation of sales of a product. But for this kind of profit model, the webmaster success is not much, mainly transition external propaganda, the webmaster for instant success, your sales blog, no substance, and not let you call people trust. All over the propaganda, quick webmaster, to break the traditional alliance, to form team operation, pay attention to the main site of interest, to protect the site owners long-term growth points of interest, in order to avoid entering the end.

is not in the new age or old age, independent blog advertising alliance for the interests of the few, even monthly fees are earned back to space. >