The website search ranking murder triggered

now in the rapid development of the Internet market, the website has become a lot of enterprises can not access platform, the degree of attention of the website is suddenly increased, so the number of sites has become a blowout. With the surge in the number of sites, users of the site quality requirements have become more and more high, whether it is the interface or the function requirements are high. So many enterprises in order to cater to the needs of users of the website, to attract users and retain users, for their own corporate profits.

is now the website is very common, but there is also a lot of problems of the web site, some website, although the user experience is up, but the site’s ranking is reduced, site traffic is reduced, the customer orders also reduced; some modified version of the site uses a lot of good user experience flash or JS, leading to the search engine spiders can’t grab, which makes the site traffic and lower ranking. How to make the website not only can enhance the needs of the user experience, but also to keep the original website ranking and traffic, many enterprises have is the webmaster headache. I first show how old and new contrast station ranking.

small website is the old domain name, but the structure of URL the whole station changed, which is completely changed ZhengZhan URL address. The entire station URL address changes, search engine will think that this my station is new sites, search engines will lead to the re evaluation of the website ranking, website, website ranking and traffic will be in chaos, this will take some time to recover. This result is as follows:

is Changsha website Xiaobian to their website as a case, this time the site keywords has been reduced, extremely depressed. Here’s the website you need to pay attention to what, of course the small website without notice some of the details, leading website some defects, hope that the webmaster warning. A small part of the site is two months ago MapWorld, first ranking is very stable, but half a month after the website began to reduce weight, reduce the keyword ranking. Many words are in addition to one hundred. Did not know what the reason is, the analysis for a long time, finally understand why the new revision of the site would have been such a "punishment". Here Xiaobian carefully to listen to.

2, due to the old site website included the high weight of the page will change with the new website URL change, or even eliminate.

1 new sites, above many articles are copied directly from the old station above the station, because the old article already exists in the database search engine, search engine will think that I am the new data is copied, leading to new sites not included.



URL, a total change of address.